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Climate changes, Hemp and Enecta’s experience!

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 30.04.2018

Climate changes, Hemp and Enecta’s experience!



The Climate changes are putting a strain on the world of agriculture. In the next years the reduced availability of water and the increase in terms of intensity and frequency of heat waves will tend to make the agricultural systems vulnerable and new strategies must be found for the cultivation of products.   


Many farmers have returned to Hemp with its multiple properties and fields of application. Italy which has been a leading country in the sector in the post-war period, is trying to reconnect with the tradition of the past.   

According to the rules, Hemp has to be sown in the period that goes from end April to beginning May, however it is wise to keep an eye on the weather forecast, as, even though Hemp is a very strong plant, it would be best to avoid young plants, only just popped up from the soil having to withstand late frosts.

Where does it grow?

Hemp grows in many different types of soil, but particularly appreciates “deep” lands with a high percentage of organic substances and not compacted.
Hemp fears water stagnations! Extremely important is the preparation of the land on which you intend to develop your plantation.

So, the first step is to plough the land, in general this is a procedure which should be done in October - November or in the first months of the new year, during which the weather situation should always be monitored to avoid rain and snow falls.

After ploughing, milling must be carried out and lastly pre-sowing weeding, which isn’t done by everybody, but on the market one can find a wide range of products, including organic ones.  

Between ploughing and milling some carry out harrowing; with an opposite implement, called harrow, the land, “stirred” by the plough, is being leveled, a job to refine the land.

When does it grow?

Hemp grows quickly, after a week, if favoured by rainfall, the lands can see the seedlings come up.

In the months following, the plants grow very fast; much depend on the variety and the work processes you have to carry. When the days start to shorten, in mid-August, the vegetative stage comes to an end and if you are not working with feminized seeds, you may start identifying the male and female plants.


Climate change is affecting the world of agriculture, including the cultivation of hemp


Enecta’s Experience

Enecta has decided last year to cultivate and invest also in Abruzzo, more precisely in Valle Subequana, where a considerable difference in day and night temperature has contributed to a major production of CBD, due to the fact that the plant in order to “survive” the cold nights seeks to protect itself by producing a higher quantity of resin. To learn more Click Here.

What do we recommend those intending to grow Hemp in Italy? 

Education, and not just in the literal sense of the term. Hemp is a plant with extraordinary properties, often not easy to understand. It can be used to produce fabrics, green building materials, oil and flours or, like we do, Cannabinoid extracts.

Whichever the objective, the starting point must/should be always the same: study and learn about the plant in relation to the use one wants to make of it. To learn more Click Here.

Hemp and Tradition

Bringing the testimony of Toscanapa, “traditionally in the areas of the Padana Plain, sowing was carried out at the end of Winter. The minimum germination temperature, 1°C, allows the sowing period to be anticipated also to the end of February.  A quick and homogeneous sprouting is guaranteed at a soil temperature around 10°C.

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