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Does Cbd get you high?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 19.09.2019

Does Cbd get you high?

Does Cbd get you high?
Let's talk about the difference between psychoactive and psychotropic

Although CBD can make users feel relaxed, it doesn't give people the "High" feeling associated with its sister cannabinoid THC.

Feelings of Intoxication are associated with THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the primary psychoactive ingredient found in the marijuana plant.

Although certain CBD-infused products derived from hemp can contain up to 0.3% levels of THC, this is not an amount that would have any psychoactive effects on a user whatsoever.

CBD is entirely different in its chemical makeup and therefore, does not affect your cognitive functioning. This includes all CBD products including, oils, tinctures, crystals, gummies, and vapes.

Why Won't You Get High off CBD?

Marijuana plants are bred to contain between 5% and 20% THC. These plants are used to create certain medical marijuana products and recreational cannabis which is sold in licensed stores in parts of the world where cannabis is legal.

CBD is extracted from hemp plants as they produce high levels of CBD and minimal amounts of THC (Less than 0.3%). As there are only tiny levels of THC in the CBD that is derived from hemp, hemp products produce no psychoactive effects. To explain in a little more detail, THC can bind to receptors within your brain, whereas, CBD does not.

There is false information circulating widely across the internet about CBD because many people refer to both hemp and marijuana as the same plant, or use these terms interchangeably.

Because of the stigma that has surrounded illegal marijuana use over the years, many people have negative connotations towards CBD and cannabis as a health supplement. These people fail to realize that CBD is a beautiful compound, offering thousands of people pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties that help to alleviate a wide range of chronic conditions and diseases.

CBD products have been declared completely safe by the World Health Organization (WHO).


What is the Difference Between Psychoactive and Psychotropic?

Psychoactive Drugs

A psychoactive drug is a chemical substance that changes brain function and can alter mood, perception, consciousness, behavior, or cognition. These substances are often used medically or recreationally to improve performance or change one's consciousness.

Some psychoactive drugs, which may have therapeutic value, are prescribed by healthcare practitioners and physicians.

Some examples of these medications include antiparkinsonian, anticonvulsant, anesthetics, and analgesic drugs. Other medications are designed to treat psychiatric disorders. These drugs include anxiolytics, antipsychotics, antidepressants, and stimulant medications. 


Psychotropic Drugs

If you've ever been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), your doctor might have prescribed psychotropic drugs as part of a treatment plan. One in three patients in psychotherapy today take psychotropics.

When combined with psychotherapy, psychotropic drugs can be a powerful tool in managing a mental illness, especially if someone is struggling with daily tasks or having trouble getting started in the mornings. That being said, these drugs aren't suitable for everyone and should never be taken without a prescription.

Psychotropic drugs will not work instantly. For some, the medications can begin working in several months while others may need to try several different medications before finding one that suits them. Every patient responds to medication differently, so try to be patient and keep your healthcare provider informed on how you're feeling at all times.

As mentioned earlier, CBD can help to relieve some forms of anxiety and improve sleep; therefore, it has been known to help people relax and stabilize their moods. However, it's important to note that it is non-psychoactive. Consequently, it will not aggravate underlying mental health conditions, as THC has been known to do in cases in the past.

Before taking THC to self-treat any form of mental illness or depression, speak to your healthcare consultant or psychiatric doctor. CBD is safe to take, but if you are taking it on top of regular medications, it's always worth consulting your prescriber first to make sure any combinations that you will be consuming will be safe at all times.

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