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Enecta CBD (Cannabidiol), here are the opinions of our customers!

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 29.05.2018

Enecta CBD (Cannabidiol), here are the opinions of our customers!



Every day we interact with our customers to try and reply in the best of ways to their necessities, being this their first approach to the world of CBD or the search of a specific product for their specific needs!

“We find our customers ever more informed about the world of CBD, regarding the characteristics of cannabidiol and its possible fields of application, however regarding communication there’s still a lot to be done, as at the same time we also find scarcely informed consumers” [1].

Information and feedback, because the opinions of customers are extremely important to improve service and information on the world of Cannabis.

Through Social Media, Facebook in particular, we are able to have some sort of a screening on what appear to be the opinions and the priorities of customers-consumers.



Almost everybody emphasizes the importance of delivery times, an essential element in the final stage of purchasing. Another element to be highlighted is the immediate communication customers-consumers are able to establish with the Company.

Enecta delivers its products in Italy and Europe within 3 working days. 
In case a package is misplaced  the company will send a new order and if a delivery takes place later than six working days, the customer can contact the company to require a refund.  

Enecta and its team assist consumers through the Social Media; you can leave a message on Facebook or Instagram, or write to the dedicated e-mail account

“When an individual contacts us with a specific pathology and is looking for support in CBD, our first action is to put him/her in contact with the medical doctors collaborating with us. The queries arriving us from the customers after they purchased a product mostly regard effects, dosage, administration modes.” [2].

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