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Enecta Free Fitness, objective Mont Blanc

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 07.07.2019

Enecta Free Fitness, objective Mont Blanc

Enecta is promoting the relationship between CBD and Sport with the objective to make the potential of this molecule known and stimulate a lifestyle linked to the psychophysical well-being of the individual.

The climb to Mount Blanc represents the history of  modern mountaineering and the dream of every Alpinist.  July this year it will be the objective of five Alpinists from Abruzzo, who will  climb the highest peak in Western Europe, altitude 4 809 metres.

Fabrizio Calcagni, Simone Vacca, Valentina Mastroamico, Roberto Corsini, Giuseppe Santilli  from the CAI (the Italian Alpine Club) based in Celano, will be the protagonists of this adventure which Enecta will report through its Social Networks and its Blog.

The Team will climb the peak on the French side, from Chamonix they will follow the directions for the Arve Valley and reach Saint Gervais les Bains; from there they will take a train, which will bring them to Nid d’Aigle.

They will spent a week of ‘adaptation’ there to prepare body and mind for the effort they will face, before they will make the dream come true, they have been pursuing for over a year now.

“The most important peaks we have reached up to now – Fabrizio tells us  – are Mont Rose, Capanna Margherita in 2016 and 2018. The Mont Blanc idea came up for the first time when we climbed Mont Rose in 2016, where we returned last year”.

“Our training programme for achieving this objective is on a daily basis, we walk intensively, besides doing specific workouts which each of us carries out according to his or her own individual experiences as well as the work we do in our daily lives”.

Fabrizio, Roberto and Giuseppe, the ‘elderly’ of the group, have been wandering across the mountains of Abruzzo together for twelve years now, bound by their friendship and their passion for Alpinism.

The Enecta Monte Bianco Team

In this adventure Enecta is the main sponsor, because it deeply believes in the value of the relationship between CBD and SPORT and the benefits a sportsperson can obtain from the use of cannabidiol.

We will narrate the adventure of the Enecta team daily, writing about the emotions, the difficulties and the spectacular images the five Alpinists will meet along their way.

They will bring Premium Hemp Extract along with them, with which they will be able to give relief to mind and body during and at the end of the many hours of hiking, awaiting them.

Technical data of the ascent (source:

Region: Foreign
Alps and Mountain range : Western Alps -  Graian Alps - Mont Blanc Group
Starting point: Nid d´Aigle (alt. 2372 m), Valley of Arve, France Valley of Arve
Versant of ascent: W
Uphill difference in height: 2440 m. - Total: 4880 m.
Duration of the ascent: 9/10 h - Total: 18/19 hrs.
Difficulty: EE - AG - PD
Recommended period: summer
Points of support: Refuge de Tete Rousse (alt. 3167 m), Refuge Gouter (alt. 3817 m)

Type of track: normal track
Type of route: marked trail
Summit register: yes
Cartography: IGN N° 3531 - St. Gervais
Author: Oliviero Bellinzani

Which are the main benefits of CBD for athletes?

Besides favouring a general and allover sense of wellbeing in our organism, CBD also possesses more specific and targeted properties.

CBD inhibits pain and inflammation through some glycine and adenosine receptors, hence proposing itself as an effective natural remedy in various cases, which include trauma, contusions or inflammatory states.

CBD is an effective antiemetic, and can therefore help to contrast nausea and the sensation of generalised fatigue after an intense workout.

Furthermore, it is a neuroprotectant, it has the capability of disrupting the flow of chemical substances during, for example, a concussion, hence protecting our brain cells.

Enecta has been promoting the relationship between CBD and Sport for some years already, with the objective to make the potential of this molecule known and stimulate a lifestyle linked to the psychophysical well-being of the individual.