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Enecta, why is CBG (Cannabigerol) important?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 26.04.2018

Enecta, why is CBG (Cannabigerol) important?



Amongst the 80 cannabinoids present in cannabis and discovered up to now, we can find CBG, Cannabigerol, a non psycho-active cannabinoid of which we introduced the first notions in the past days through the articles of our Blog.
Why is CBG important?

Cannabigerol could be considered the “stem cell” of many chemical substances present in Cannabis. Due to the activity of specific enzymes, CBG converts itself to other types of Cannabinoids, revealing itself important in the therapeutic use of Cannabis due to its characteristics.
Doctor Bonni Goldstein, medical director of the Canna-Centers, affirmed in the past that CBG inhibits the absorption of a chemical substance called GABA, with the same mechanisms of cannabinoids. What does this mean?  
It means that CBG leads to the relaxation of muscles and to anxiety relief, just as it occurs with CBD. If you want to know more about it Click Here.
The Italian study on CBG
A study conducted by researchers of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Naples, Federico II, in collaboration with medical professionals of the division of Diagnostics of the Hospital “dei Pellegrini” in Naples and researchers of CNR (National Research Council) in Pozzuoli, has demonstrated the activity of CBG in case of intestinal inflammation, arriving to the conclusion that: “Cannabigerol is a new therapeutic opportunity for those suffering from the above mentioned disease”.
Certainly, further research will determine what the actual therapeutic potentials of CBG are, however we can state that apart from CBD and THC there are other molecules capable of offering support in the therapeutic field.

Which are the differences between CBG and CBD?

CBD and CBG are two cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant, which are completely different one from the other; they have very distinct chemical structures and concentrations.

Differently from CBD, CBG is a cannabinoid performing its function as a basis for many other compounds produced by the plants during growth. 

CBG and CBD are non-psychoactive compounds, CBG increases the production of anandamide, the main endogenous cannabinoid present in our body.
Anandamide helps to regulate sleep, appetite and memory, acting directly on the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CBD on the other hand, reduces the access of anandamide to fatty acids, which act as transport molecules. 

CBD does not interact directly with the CB1 and CB2 receptors which are mainly present in our brain and central nervous system. CBG on the other hand, act on the receptors as a partial agonist. However, the intensity of these effects is not at all comparable to that of THC. 

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