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Hemp is Helping to Clean Radioactive Sites One Plant at a Time

Geschrieben von Giuseppe Enecta am 18.10.2016

Hemp is Helping to Clean Radioactive Sites One Plant at a Time


Hemp is a truly hempsational and inspirational plant. It has many applications in society today. In fact the incredible hemp plant has more than 25,000 applications that it can be utilized for in industries around the world. Everything from food to clothes, medicine and building materials can be produced from this miraculous plant. Beyond all of these incredible attributes hemp can benefit the planet. Hemp is a crop that will grow in a quick amount of time to maturity. When it is planted in the ground it actually not only grows quickly but leaves the soil in better condition than before it was planted.

Purifying The Planet

Hemp has many other attributes such as helping to clean the nuclear disaster of the horrific sight known by the name of Chernobyl. People are oftentimes surprised when they hear that they are using the hemp plant to clean this Radioactive site that is uninhabitable by humankind. When the hemp plant is planted into the radioactive soil unlike many other plants it will grow just like normal. During this process it helps to pull out toxins and impurities from the soil. The hemp plant is cut down upon maturity and burned.

All The Toxins Go Up in Smoke

During the burning process all that dangerous impurities and harmful chemicals from the radiation poisoning the Earth received is removed. This process is speeding up the recovery of the Chernobyl area and playing a major role in restoring the ecosystem and environment there. Keep in mind that the hemp plant is a crop that does not require dangerous chemicals and pesticides in order for it to grow. There's no need for fertilizers. This helps the situation by not adding more toxins to an already horrible situation.

Has Japan Become Hip to Hemp

It is rumored that the Fukushima Japan nuclear reactor leak that happened not too long ago is going to be using in order to help clean the area there which was so horribly devastated by the carelessness of humankind yet once again. Our planet suffers horrendously due to some of our actions. The process of areo-remediation and phytoremediation are ones that benefit not only the people on the planet but the planet itself. A clean planet is a green planet. And a green plant provides a healthy atmosphere in which humanity may evolve. Through the evolution of our understanding about the incredible attributes that hemp offers us, we can make a better world for us today and for the children of tomorrow.


James Priest