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How can we use CBD Crystals in an efficient way?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 15.01.2018

How can we use CBD Crystals in an efficient way?



CBD Crystals are a quality product and probably represent the most efficient and healthy way of consuming and appreciating the beneficial properties of CBD; there is no combustion.

On the market we can find various types of products, and talking specifically about Enecta Crystals, these are extracted from Cannabis Sativa L., subsequently purified to a 99%.

Besides CBD we can also find small quantities of natural plant-terpenes in the Crystals, having the purpose to give the product the characteristic flavour of a Cannabis extract.

How are Crystals used? It’s very important to use them correctly and in the most appropriate way, so we don’t risk to not fully appreciate the many characteristics of the product.  

One way of consuming them is in our food, adding it to pastries for example; during the phase of preparation of the dough we add our Crystals which will interact with our organism during digestion.  

Probably the most suitable, efficient and “perceptible” way, however, is vaporizing the Crystals. In this case we would need a Vaporizer or a dedicated electronic cigarette with which to consume the crystals.

E-Cigarettes used to vaporize e-liquids, or the “classical” Bongs with which Cannabis is commonly consumed, are not suitable for crystals. 

The Vaporizer or dedicated e-cigarette must to be able to keep the temperature between the range of 140° to 180° Celsius, so that the vaporizing process is done in the correct way.

The main risks of not using dedicated devices are exceeding in temperature, which would burn the Crystals, or not heating the crystals enough to activate the vaporizing process.

Who mostly appreciates Crystals? Crystals are appreciated by a target audience trying to find a state of relaxation at the end of a hard day of work, but others use them also during the day by means of dedicated electronic cigarettes available on the market.

A last group of consumers, but surely not last in importance, are those who use Crystals for “therapeutic” purposes, to alleviate muscle or nerve pain, or find relief from anxiety states or general stress.

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