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How long does it take for CBD to have an effect?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 31.07.2019

How long does it take for CBD to have an effect?

How long does it take to feel the beneficial effects of CBD Products?

This is a question that we regularly see on CBD forums and social media pages across the internet. 

The short answer to this question is that, when it comes to high quality CBD products, everybody is different, so the effects of the various oils, tinctures, edibles, vapes, and capsules will vary from person to person.


How long does it take for CBD oil to have an effect?

In certain people, the results are immediate. Many people report an improvement in their sleep the first night that they take CBD oil. 

For others, it can take two weeks or even a month to notice any effect at all. Therefore, it’s essential to be patient when you first start taking a CBD product. Many people give up too soon or fail to experiment with dosage levels until they find an appropriate amount of CBD that works for them as an individual.

When CBD is taken sublingually, it enters the bloodstream and system in around 20 minutes. However, it can take up to two hours if it is ingested in a capsule or edible form. Vaping can take effect within minutes, giving users a generally uplifted feeling, which is short lived, but effective.

 how long takes cbd oil to make effect

I’ve been taking CBD oil for some time, and I don’t feel any different.

When you take CBD for an extended period but fail to achieve the results you desire, you are not taking a high enough dose. The recommendation for dosing is to start as low as 5mg per day, and slowly increase the dosage every five to seven days.

For those that are not struggling with mental health issues, or inflammation, a 10mg daily serving at night is enough for most people to improve sleep, but occasionally, a higher dose might be needed. For more “pressing” issues such as anxiety, chronic pain, and depression, you might need a 60mg daily dose. It’s important to experiment to find out the dosage that works for you, which is also why it’s essential to be patient and give the CBD time to take effect.


Tips to ensure that you get the most out of your CBD usage:

  • Buy the correct strength – It will take a little experimenting to figure out what strength and dosage you need, but we recommend starting with a low dosage 
  • Be consistent with dosing – It’s essential to take a dose of CBD daily for the best possible results. Missing a dose will decrease the amount of CBD in your system, thus lowering its efficacy.
  • Try to listen to your body – If you feel bad, consider cutting back your dosage, or if you are not getting results that you desire, increase your dose, pay close attention to your body and consider keeping a journal to track your results each week.
  • Spread out your dosing – Sometimes it might work best to take a 5mg dose four times throughout the day (for a total of 20mg), instead of one large dose in the evening or morning. 

What dose works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for all people. The length of time that it takes for CBD to take effect can also be varied among different individuals just as people react differently to pharmaceutical medications. 

So, be patient and listen to your body while you experiment. This way, you are likely to achieve the results that you desire.

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