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“I have not smoked cigarettes for a year since using Ambrosia...”

Geschrieben von Giuseppe Enecta am 28.10.2016

“I have not smoked cigarettes for a year since using Ambrosia...”


In this post we publish the testimony of one of our customers, just one of many that we encounter each day in our work.

"It is with great pleasure that I leave feedback for Enecta. I approached the world of vaping to help me to stop smoking and find an alternative method of releasing stress.

I always associated my anxiety with the quantity of cigarettes that I used to smoke. Whenever anything went wrong, smoking became a way to release tension.

I tried various electronic and eliquid cigarettes until I discovered the CBD products without nicotine.

It was amazing! The first time I tried CBD I felt a sense of relief and knew I had found the right product for me.

I found Ambrosia during a trade show last year in Verona. To begin with I was sceptical, but I soon changed my mind. I tried three different flavours: Peach, Marijuana and Tobacco. Marijuana instantly became my favourite.

I take Ambrosia with the lowest concentration of CBD, and after the first drag I instantly feel the relaxing mental and physical effects.

I have now used Ambrosia for almost a year without smoking cigarettes. I also started to play sports, and when I come home after a session in the gym or output cycling with friends, Ambrosia helps to relax my muscles due to the large concentration of CBD.  I would recommend CBD to everyone."