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Medical Cannabis and Autism: has Science made any progress?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 16.02.2018

Medical Cannabis and Autism: has Science made any progress?



Autism isn’t a disease from  which one can heal, it’s more correct to define it a “syndrome” which accompanies the child for its entire life.
In this article we will try and know more about the relationship between Cannabis and Autism, to understand how Medical Cannabis can be effective in improving the quality of life of a child affected by autism.
It was at the beginning of 2017 when a research study was published in which a six year old child, affected by a specific form of autism, for about six months was treated with Therapeutic Cannabis with high THC contents.

The research study has demonstrated how the patient has shown signs of improvement with regards to hyperactivity, lethargy, irritability and inappropriate use of language.

In the United States a similar study was conducted, using mice instead of infants and at the end of the research it has come to light how Cannabis can be very useful to contrast in a specific manner aggressive states or the prolonged focalization on a determined activity.
The study highlights how Medical Cannabis would be able to reduce some of the common clinical symptoms of this disorder.  

Israel will be the leading Country in 2018  in this type of research; in fact last year a first study has been undertaken on the impact of Cannabis on people affected by autism to whom Cannabis with high CBD contents will be administered.
This Research study will be conducted at the  Shaare Zedek Hospital  of Jerusalem where 120 children affected by autism will be studied, along with a group getting a placebo substance. 
Thus, 2018 could give us new and interesting information on the role of Cannabis and CBD in improving the lives of people affected by autism.
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