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Modern Hemp Plastic as New Arrangement

Geschrieben von Giuseppe Enecta am 26.09.2016

Modern Hemp Plastic as New Arrangement


Could Industrial hemp plastic bring an end to the Age of Plastic?



Modern Hemp Plastic as New Arrangement

Let’s face it plastic is a problem, it is not environmentally friendly and we STILL don’t even know its expiration date but Hemp holds many possibilities as an Eco-friendly replacement. There are companies all over the globe including the United States that have been using hemp for various materials, including a hemp plastic that is 100% biodegradable.
“It’s Time for a Change” of the fracking disasters our planet screams out.
According to Marijuana Politics, the Farm Bill Section 7606 was passed allowing industrial hemp to be grown and harvested for research. American Hemp is just one of the first newly established companies. They are located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The company deals with research and development programs that are designed to improve various hemp products and materials. They strive to make 100% environmentally safe materials that will create less of a negative impact on the Earth.


Will Hemp Plastic Ever Thrive In The US?

Replacing plastic with hemp plastic is a very crucial move we need to make in the United States and it is time we make that change. If you do a little searching it won’t take long before you stumble upon some really amazing products made using hemp. Studies have been underway for years now and there are businesses all throughout the world already providing hemp made products. Hemp takes less time to grow, creates more oxygen, and has many uses from food to building materials.

One of our famous founding fathers, George Washington, famously grew hemp and Henry Ford was making car parts out of industrial hemp back in the 1940’s. There is even a rumor that Mr. Ford never intended for his vehicles to run on gasoline, rather a hemp based fuel.

The truth is, there is definitely potential for bio plastics and other hemp products to eventually hit the shelves throughout the US. It has been a very slow going process but as Bob Dylan said “The Times They Are a Changing”.