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The highest quality hemp oil doesn’t grow on trees

Geschrieben von Giuseppe Enecta am 03.10.2016

The highest quality hemp oil doesn’t grow on trees


The highest quality hemp oil doesn’t grow on trees, nor does it grow on bushes, but in order to get nothing but goodness from hemp oil, growing the right plants in the right way is the place to start. That’s just the beginning! Find out how you can identify the best hemp oils on the market today.


It all begins with a seed

Cannabis plants are extremely variable both in appearance and chemical composition. The highest quality hemp oil is grown from carefully selected strains that contain high concentrations of CBD, the ingredient in cannabis that doesn’t leave you feeling any different to your normal self. Genetically, European hemp strains include some of the best material to be used for producing this kind of oil.


The farmer’s role

Having a good variety of plant is a good start, but when these plants aren’t grown in the right way, the results can be devastating. Even the soil cannot be contaminated in any way, because hemp is wonderful at removing toxins from soil and making it part of its biomass. That also means that chemical fertilizers shouldn’t be used, and nor should pesticides, even when “safe” withholding periods are observed. In short, the cultivation of hemp for cannabis oil should be done in nature’s way – completely organic methods are essential.



Harvesting and handling

Taking good care of the plants during and after harvesting is equally important. Even the best hemp, grown according to the very best practices can be contaminated after harvest if it isn’t taken care of properly. If fungi develop, they produce toxins, and where there are toxins, there cannot be a healthful hemp oil product.



Extraction and quality control for the highest quality hemp oil

At last, our hemp reaches the laboratory where the herb will be processed in order to extract the oil.
Just to make sure that everything is as it should be, the final product is tested in a laboratory, making sure that the CBD content is sufficient, and that no contaminants are present.


Europe corners the market with the best hemp oil

Although people around the world are producing hemp oil and many of them may be following best-practice guidelines, European hemp oil is widely regarded as the best in the world today. After all, the hemp industry is well-established, and EU products are known to be produced according to stringent safety standards.
At Enecta, we’re proud of being at the forefront of this tradition, producing highest quality hemp oil that meets all the criteria discussed so far.