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Buying 10% CBD Oil, instructions for secure purchasing!

Geschrieben von Lorenz Wacker am 23.10.2017

Buying 10% CBD Oil, instructions for secure purchasing!



Purchase enectas 10% CBD Oil online in total security and get a 15% discount.



On the market a wide selection of CBD oils is being offered; if you came across this article, you might have asked yourself how you can buy Enecta CBD oil. In this article we will supply you of the practical knowhow regarding purchasing and get you to learn more about the above mentioned product.First of all you should access the web portal, through the web address: 

Accessing the Enecta  portal makes it possible for you to buy the product online; like in any type of e-commerce, with a credit card or any other prepaid card commonly used in the international circuits.

If you have problems finalizing your buy on the website, which might be caused by a bad web connection or problems with your purchasing card, you can write an e-mail to and will receive an explanation regarding the difficulties you met with trying to buy online!

Besides the e-mail address Enecta makes its own social media channels available to you, on which members of our Team are ready to reply to your queries and to find a solution for your possible purchasing issues. How to contact? Leave a message on our Facebook page or write us on Instagram, or if you prefer on Twitter.

Enecta has dedicated a web portal to its Italian customers on which you can get all the necessary information regarding the products and on how to proceed with purchases in total security.

Product – On the web you can find many lab certifications to testify the quality of the product. However, the element that often makes the real difference in presenting the product to the public is the concentration of CBD and the guarantee this percentage of cannabidiol is really present in the product.

Enecta oil - Enecta presents an Oil with 10% CBD extract, which has already met with great success amongst those who desire to improve their wellbeing in a general way and maximize the nutritional values of Hemp oil, like Omega 3 and antioxidants. It has been for some weeks already that it has been possible to buy an oil with a higher percentage of cannabidiol, equal to a 24%.


Premium Hemp Extract for therapeutic purposes: Safe purchase of 24% CBD Oil  with enecta


To benefit most from a quality CBD oil, we have to know the product we are about to purchase and try; an example of fundamental information is the presence of cannabidiol,  how much CBD is really present in the product you are looking for?

In Enecta’s CBD Oil there are actually 1000 mgs of CBD; we are not talking about 1000 mgs of Hemp extract, but about 1000 mg of the active substance. CBD oil, how many drops a day? – This is one of the questions we majorly receive from our customers/CBD consumers. Metabolism of CBD, being  involved in many physiological processes as a modulator of other systems and not just the endocannabinoid system,  is extremely  subjective.

Observing oneself is probably the best answer, starting with a few drops and finding the dosage that meets with one’s individual needs. It should be clear that when CBD is used for specific illnesses, it is always advised to consult a doctor.

Do you intend to use CBD for therapeutic purposes and would you like to receive further information on ENECTA CBD oil? Please don’t hesitate to write an e-mail to or contact us through our Social Media Pages.


Premium hemp extract: Visit the enecta online shop and receive a 15% discount on CBD products