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Cannabeta, the Scientific Dissemination Project about Cannabis

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 06.07.2018

Cannabeta, the Scientific Dissemination Project about Cannabis


The first Cannabeta event, the scientific education and dissemination project about therapeutic cannabis, promoted by Enecta and organised in collaboration with Mamaka and Cannabis Bureau Greece, was held in Athens on the weekend of the 23rd June, at the Eugenides Foundation. 
A large and interested audience of local doctors and pharmacists witnessed the entire development of the Medical Cannabis Talks, which also saw the presence of important figures from the Italian medical-scientific community.
The focus was on the therapeutic uses of cannabis, in particular the medical prescription and clinical experience, as well as the patient's point of view. The level and the international origin of the speakers allowed a concrete comparison between the experiences on the topic of research, treatment and the different legal systems that regulate medical cannabis.

An event that brings together not only Greece and Italy.

The event brought together Greece, Italy as well as the following names: Aias-Theodoros Papastavrou (Medical Director, Biomed AID-Skopje – FYROM), Georgios Oikonomopoulos, Giorgos Aggelinas, Vittorio Andrea Guardamagna (Medical Director, Division of Palliative Care and Pain Therapy - European Institute of Oncology), Pasquale Striano (Associate Professor, Pediatric Neurology at the Muscular Diseases Unit - Institute "G. Gaslini" and University of Genoa), for the medical front; Annunziata Lombardi and Ilias Grammatikakis on the role of the pharmacist; Livio Luongo (Assistant Professor, Department of Experimental Medicine - Division of Pharmacology, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli),Massimo Nabissi (Associate Professor - School of Pharmacy, University of Camerino) with regard to research; and finally Giampaolo Grassi (Head Researcher, Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economy Analysis, Italy) currently also responsible for the genetics used for the production of FM2, the therapeutic cannabis produced at the Florence Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Plant on behalf of the Italian state.

Special attention has been paid to oncology, both for in vitro and in vivo research on the action of cannabinoids in combination with anti-cancer drugs, and for use in palliative care of cancer patients, with Vittorio Guardamagna.

Pasquale Striano, a doctor of Pediatric Neurology and Muscle Disease at the "G.Gaslini" in Genoa, intervened on the effectiveness of CBD in reducing episodes of crisis in cases of pharmacoresistant infantile epilepsy.


Discussion of the therapeutic effects of cannabis at the Cannabeta event in Greece


The topic of epilepsy and its relationship with CBD, originally highlighted in the case of Charlotte Web, the American girl affected by Dravet syndrome, whose case was told by the CNN documentary "Weed", has also sprung up in recent weeks in the news with the case of Billy Caldwell in the UK. Additionally, the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of post-traumatic syndrome has been shown by Livio Luongo, of the Department of Experimental Medicine at the University of Campania. The study, still in progress, sees the use of an Enecta oil formula (10%) conducted on a group of mice.


Medical Cannabis Talk at Cannabeta event in Greece promoted by enecta



Enecta invests in Greece

Enecta, in light of the recent changes in regulation that has legalised the medical use of cannabis in the country, has decided to bring its experience to Greece, supporting the local economy and investing in the first crops of cannabis plants with a high CBD content.

"In Greece we have been working for some years with Hemp Oil and our products at CBD and we have had great success." Says Jacopo Paolini, co-founder and CSO of Enecta: "It was natural for us to respond to the Greek Government's appeal, and we have therefore decided to invest in what we believe will be the first therapeutic cannabis company made up of Greek personnel and for Greek patients".

The attention for Greek patients is therefore central, as underlined by Marco Cappiello, co-founder and CMO of Enecta: "Enecta has placed at the centre of its project the principle according to which everyone must be able to pay for treatments based on cannabis, ensuring a quality product at an affordable price. And to ensure that patients receive adequate care, an ever-increasing training of the medical-scientific community is required. This is why we have promoted Cannabeta: we are already working to organise the next event in October".