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CBD (Cannabidiol), what happens if I take the wrong dosage?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 18.06.2018

CBD (Cannabidiol), what happens if I take the wrong dosage?



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The topic regarding dosage, “How much CBD to take?" "If I take too much of it, what happens?", is certainly one of the aspects we discuss with our customers on a daily basis.

Finding the right dosage is very important in order to achieve the goal set while consuming Cannabidiol.

What happens if I take the wrong dosage?

Taking too little CBD, obviously gives a “non-effect”, we will not be able to soothe a pain or find  relief from anxiety and thus for each case in which CBD shows itself to be a valid ally.

On the contrary, if we take too much CBD, which are the possible side effects?

A “side” effect could be related to an excessive sense of dryness, which is due to the cannabinoid receptors present in the submandibular glands, which are responsible for the production of saliva.
The activation of these receptors alter the production of saliva, which leads to mouth dryness. Read the quoted study Here.

A second “side” effect of cannabidiol is an excessive state of relaxation and hence of supposed drowsiness; this also happens sometimes to those who “vape” eliquids with high concentrations of CBD excessively.

High intakes of CBD could create a sense of dizziness associated to a drop in blood pressure. In this case it could be enough to drink a cup of tea to make this unpleasant effect disappear. Research has been done on the topic in the UK. To learn more, click Here


the wrong dosage of CBD can lead to mild side effects


Do you want to know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you take?

In order to set an accurate dosage of CBD, the Enecta Team recommends the use Premium Hemp Extract Capsules, which enable you to know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you take each time you swallow a capsule.

A strong point of this product regards the absorption of CBD oil by our organism, which seems to be more complete when taken in the form of capsules instead of as “loose” drops.

Capsules are very useful in relation to the issue of “overdosing”; with Premium Hemp Extract Capsules it’s possible to programme costs and quantities of the CBD we consume or are about to consume with with a clear idea of the reason we are taking it for.  

With this product dripping is avoided, no spilling of the contents is risked and the entire CBD contents are taken in, without any shedding.

CBD and Metabolism

Metabolism of CBD being involved in many physiological processes as a modulator of other systems, and not only of the endocannabinoid system, is very subjective.  

Observing oneself is the right solution and if you decide to use CBD Oil, our advice is to start with a few drops and then find the necessary dosage for your specific needs, increasing or decreasing the dosage in relation to the effects you obtain on the health state you are trying to improve.

Continuity and consistency are very important while taking cannabidiol.
It should be obvious that when it is used for specific diseases, it is important and recommended to consult your doctor; there are consumers needing a higher concentration of Cannabidiol.

- To learn more about Oil with high CBD concentrations Click Here.

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Continuity and consistency are very important while taking CBD products - save 15% on your next order