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CBD & Sport, interview with Christian Sciarretta

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 15.04.2019

CBD & Sport, interview with Christian Sciarretta

Our column dedicated to ‘CBD and Sport’ leads us to the argument of Ultra-Trails, running in the mountains; a discipline which requires a lot of constancy,  effort and the desire to never give up.

We talked about this and about many other topics with Christian Sciarretta, 46, from Pescara, Abruzzo, who discovered his huge passion for Ultra Trail Running. about three years ago.

What is Ultra-Trail?

Ultra-Trail Running is a race in a natural environment with courses above 42 kms. An actual marathon taking place in a natural environment (mountains, hills, deserts) and mainly on unpaved paths or tracks.

Other important characteristic is that the course includes important differences in height, both uphill and downhill.

How did you approach this sports discipline?

I started by participating in Ironman races and subsequently in other endurance races; then in March, 2017, I participated in the Marco Olmo Desert Training in the Moroccan Desert. From that point onwards I haven’t stopped yet.

How many times do you train a week?

6/7 times, some days 2 sessions, for a total of over 400 kms a month.
During the week I run in the hills with 400/500 d+ or do speed running on the beach, while Saturday and Sunday I train about 3 hours in the mountains trying to achieve 1000/1500 d+. I try to do about one race each month!

How long does a race last? How is it built up?

It obviously depends on the distance, with my personal times they more or less last as follows:

In races of 45 km it takes me about 6 hours to finish, the time frame increases up to nine hours on distances of 65 km, while we reach fifteen hours in races of 100 km.

Usually the race starts very early in the morning, at 4 AM, while the other races are set to nocturnal races, with departure at about 11 PM.

Along the track there are fluid stations about every 10 km with liquids and solids, which gives the proper support to the athletes. In the longer races, 100 miles and up, you can also find ‘life bases’ in which one can take a rest.   

Which was the hardest race up to now and which future race are you preparing at the moment?

One of the hardest races I took part in certainly was the UltraSerra di Celano, in Abruzzo, in which the rugged mountains, the heat and the climbs of the Sirente and the Etra mountains put me to an extreme test.

For the next future I’m concentrated on my first 100 mile run in the Tuscany Crossing of Castiglione d’Orcia, however my fixed thought is on September and the Tor Des Geants, a race every Ultra-trailer desires to run at least once in a life.

Is it a sport that can be practised by anybody? What do you advise to those wanting to approach this discipline?

I think it is a sport that can be practised by everyone, provided that they have first-class dedication and a proper physical preparation, as well as a lot of mental strength for the numerous moments of crisis occurring during racing.  

Without having to participate in races, I believe in and recommend this sport to everybody, after all it is a combination of sport and hiking giving you the possibility to see wonderful places in Italy and throughout the world.  

I advise to start with trekking or Nordic Walking and to then pass on to running …in the mountains a pair of strong, well-trained legs are essential to stay on your feet.

Nutrition is very important in order to achieve a good performance, how do you handle it?

Nutrition in this sport is fundamental. During races of 100 km we consume about 5/6000 calories which makes it important to have the necessary energy,  to restore and hydrate oneself along the courses.

This goes for both races and training sessions, and particularly the longer ones. On a daily basis, I have a diet made up of fish and vegetables and a small share of white meat. I rarely eat bread or pasta, while I do eat brown rice and dried fruits and nuts.

Do you know CBD? It is increasingly used by sportspeople, have you had the occasion to try it? What is your opinion about it?

Yes I know CBD, I’ve used Enecta products, both drops and capsules; I liked them very much due to the sensation of relaxation of both mind and muscles.

As an ex-smoker, I can say that they were an excellent support for quitting smoking; I was able to stop overnight and when I felt the necessity to light a cigarette, especially in the evenings, ……a few drops ….. and no problem!

In which races did you participate?



Name of the race

Distance / D+



Quality Index*



Ultrabericus Trail 2019 - Trail Integrale

66.5km / 2425m+ 




Give your feedback


Ronda Ghibellina Plus 2019

70.8km / 3675m+ 




Give your feedback



Eolo Campo Dei Fiori Trail 2018 - Cft 65K

65.6km / 3825m+ 




★★★★☆30 feedback(s) / 143


Utmb® 2018 - Ccc®

100.1km / 6075m+ 






K42 Italia 2018

44.9km / 3250m+ 






Sulle Tracce Del Lupo 2018 - Majella Mother Marathon

43.6km / 3300m+ 






Ultra Serra Di Celano 2018

82.7km / 5750m+ 






Le Porte Di Pietra 2018

71.4km / 3750m+ 






Ultra-Trail® Via Degli Dei 2018 - Flaminia Militare Trail

54km / 1950m+ 






Chianti Trail Ultra 2018

73.4km / 2525m+ 







Vie Di San Francesco " Ultra + " 2017 - "long Way "

102.9km / 4000m+ 






Ultra Serra Di Celano 2017

69.1km / 4300m+ 






Gargano Running Week 2017 - Gargano Raid

76.5km / 2800m+ 




What are your ambitions in terms of races this year?

Tuscany Crossing 100 miles April 26, June 9, 41 kms of the Ultra Celano, June 29 the Ultradolomites of 87 km. I will conclude with the legendary Tor des Geants of 330 kms!