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Five important moments in which to vape Ambrosia!

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 18.01.2018

Five important moments in which to vape Ambrosia!



After having talked in our articles of our Blog about five good reasons to “vape” Ambrosia, we will now analyze and suggest five ideal moments in which to appreciate CBD eliquids with different concentrations of CBD.

1 – At the end of your day, when you turn home after a long working day in the office or any other place you spend your time at work, and stress has reached its highest peaks, Ambrosia might just represent an excellent remedy to relax.

Our e-liquid with three different concentrations of CBD available in three different flavours is certainly an excellent ally in finding a moment of relaxation after a long and tiring day.

2 – After a workout in the gym, a soccer game or a long bike ride, vaping Ambrosia means consuming CBD which contributes to the relaxation of our psycho-physical system and thus represents an additional element favouring our physical recovery. Are you interested in the relationship between CBD and sports? Click here to learn more! 

3 – Are you trying to quit smoking? Ambrosia is not a cure for smoking, but can surely be a useful additional tool one can avail oneself of to try and not consume any nicotine or traditional cigarettes anymore, as some of our customers/consumers tell us in the testimonies we gathered.



4 – Are you frantic because of a problem which generates an anxiety state in you? Vaping Ambrosia could bring you relief because of the beneficial properties of Cannabidiol, on which scientists are conducting studies to assess to which degree this cannabinoid can be efficient in contrasting Anxiety.

5 – If you suffer from muscular pains due to an incorrect body posture in front of the computer or other reasons related to the job you do, for example, in addition to stretching (!) the use of Ambrosia with a medium to high concentration of CBD could be excellent to find relief.

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