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Many readers will have felt the effects of a stressful day, and when the day is not over, sometimes it can be difficult to gather the energy to carry on, especially if there is still a training session to be completed!

"After a stressful day, I try to rest mentally, especially" says Pierluigi Catalano, an Enecta athlete who is involved in Spartan Race competitions.
We have often investigated the relationship between CBD and Sport, and how CBD can prove to be a precious ally, in this case, for a stressed sportsman.
"For my daily relaxation I currently use the 10% CBD oil and when vaping, I use Ambrosia with very satisfying results!".


CBD and sports can prove to be precious allies after a stressful day


A stressful day can put a strain on the will of many, and between work commitments, everyday worries, &  family and/or relationship issues, day-to-day life can sometimes feel like an obstacle.

However, many underestimate how in those moments, sport can be used as the extra weapon with which to overcome stress.

"It's an essentially mental job” - says Catalano - “for me, training, especially after a particularly stressful day, is the cure to all ills!".

As has often happened to some, staying at home or isolating yourself from any kind of activity is certainly not a good way to overcome stress.

"Several times I tried to hide at home after a stressful day” - says Pierluigi - the result was that I faced the next day feeling even more stressed, not having rid myself of the negative energy I had accumulated".

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