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Hemp Oil for Pets

Geschrieben von Giuseppe Enecta am 19.02.2021

Hemp Oil for Pets

Hemp seed oil boasts a wide range of health benefits for your furry companion. Some owners are turned off by the word “hemp,” assuming it has psychoactive effects and wouldn’t be safe for their pet. This is not the case at all. Hemp seed oil is perfectly safe and can improve your dog or cat’s health and wellness in many different ways. 

Picking the best option for your pet’s needs can be confusing. Depending on what results and benefits you are looking for, you have two main options to chose from. 

What’s the difference between “full-spectrum hemp oil” and “hemp seed oil”? 

There are some major differences you are going to want to pay attention to when picking out a hemp oil product for your pet. Let’s discuss the differences between hemp seed oil and its alternative, full-spectrum hemp oil. 

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is not known for medicinal benefits, therefore this is not the best option when it comes to helping your dog or cat if they have issues with severe anxiety or physical pain. Instead, premium hemp seed oil offers other types of incredible health advantages. 

It is a great source of omega-3 and omega-6 and is also packed with protein. These will help aid in heart health, skin and coat quality, and digestion. Due to its high levels of omegas, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, hemp seed oil is considered to be a “superfood” for your pet. It is safe for dogs and cats of all sizes, ages, and breeds.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

This type of oil comes from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant as opposed to just the seeds. It contains some beneficial substances that are not found in regular hemp seed oil and can be used for medicinal purposes. 

Full-spectrum hemp oil will help reduce inflammation, combat nausea and can stimulate appetite for older or sickly pets. This kind of oil is better for assist in reducing symptoms of certain ailments or to use on older dogs and cats who require general pain relief.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

1. Ideal Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio

Some people will give their pet fish oils if they are trying to add omegas to their diet. Unfortunately, there has been evidence that suggests fish oil can cause health problems for them because of its instability and because it can go bad quickly. Hemp oil is a much safer option to introduce these healthy fats to your four-legged friend’s diet.

Omega-6 and omega-3 can aid in digestion and help with arthritis and allergies. It can also improve the appearance and health of your dog or cat’s coat and skin, such as reducing dandruff and shedding. 

These oils are also known to promote healthy blood flow and can improve organ function.

2. Excellent Source of Antioxidants and Phospholipids

Hemp seed oil offers antioxidant properties that help to boost their immune system and fight off the damaging, negative effects of free radicals. This is fantastic when it comes to your pet’s eyes, skin, brain, and heart. 

Phospholipids are also present in hemp seed oil and can be extremely useful in managing inflammation. These lipids also have the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease, boost the immune system, and improve brain function. 

3. GLA-rich

Gamma-linolenic acid, or GLA, is known to help build prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are similar to hormones and support many bodily functions. GLA is known to reduce cancer cells and can aid in weight management. 

There is also evidence that GLA may be able to mitigate symptoms of arthritis and skin allergies. These qualities are a major bonus when it comes to keeping your pet healthy, comfortable, and happy. 

How to Give Your Dog Hemp Seed Oil

Give your pet hemp seed oil simply by adding it to the food that they are already going to eat. You can mix a serving of hemp seed oil into their kibble and serve it to them.

Another way that you can administer hemp seed oil to your pet is by dropping it onto a treat. Be sure that this treat is porous so that it can absorb the oil and you do not waste any product. It is not recommended to cook hemp seed oil into food, as it can go bad. Instead, mix it into pre-cooked food. 

Read the instructions on the premium hemp seed oil you purchase for your pet when you are ready to give them some. Normally, you would give them approximately 1 tsp of hemp seed oil per 1.2 lbs of food. 

There aren’t many safety concerns to worry about, the main thing would be making sure they do not have an allergic reaction to it. Although, it’s always good to give your vet a call and speak to them before introducing new food or supplements to your pet’s diet. 

Since it contains high levels of fatty acids, antioxidants, and other nutrients that your little friend needs to stay healthy and feeling good, hemp seed oil is a valuable addition to your pet’s daily routine.