Premium hemp oil per animali


Premium Hemp Oil for pets, why choose it

  • A product easy to administer, by merely adding it to your cat or dog’s meal, or by giving it directly thanks
    to the “anti-bite” dropper

  • A safe and effective product, as tested on heavy metals, pesticides and safe due to the lack of THC


To use hemp oil is advised reading the instruction available on the box. It’s recommended to start with a small dose and increase it until the desired results.
It’s suggested to ask for advice to the Vet, that will recommend the right therapy depending on the circumstance.

How to use:
Always make sure some freshwater is available, shake well before use. Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep in the fridge. Ask for advice to a vet before using or before extending the period of usage.

Our “Premium Hemp Oil for Pets” is simple to use and can be administered orally with the “anti-bite” plastic dropper or added to some pet food and mixed thoroughly to avoid product dispersion. Thanks to the olive oil, the product tastes even better for the pet.


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