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How to purchase CBG oil online?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 23.11.2018

How to purchase CBG oil online?


Many customers write us about the ways to purchase products online and which ones to direct to for the most appropriate choice.

Ours are not recommendations of the medical kind, so the information we supply are undoubtedly suitable for purchasing online in security, while we try and give you the practical instruments to assess the multitude of advertisements present on the web. For medical information it is necessary to consult a professional.

Which CBG do you intend to purchase?

Amongst more than 80 cannabinoids identified in Cannabis up to now, we can find CBG , a cannabinoid without psychotropic properties.

Today, on the market not all companies offer Cannabigerol products, so our first recommendation, instead of rushing headlong into purchasing a particular product, is to explore, gather information; in some cases it is possible to get in contact with the company from which you are interested to purchase.   

How much CBG does your product contain?

Always verify how much CBG is actually present in your CBG Oil; on the web we can find information of any kind, but what really makes the difference is the actual and corresponding presence of the molecule in the product.

G500, Premium Oil with CBG, is available in a version of 10 ml containing 500 mg of CBG!

The Study on CBG (Cannabigerol)

The study we mention, carried out by researcher of the Pharmacy department of the University Federico II in Naples, demonstrated the action of CBG in a case of intestinal inflammation, reaching the conclusion that “Cannabigerol is a therapeutic opportunity for those suffering from the previously mentioned pathology”.

Performed in collaboration with medical professionals of the Diagnostic department of the Pellegrini Hospital in Naples and researchers from CNR in Pozzuoli, the research offers an interesting opportunity for further investigation on the real therapeutic potential of CBG.

Reliability and reviews

Is gathering information important, when a brand you’re interested in is present on the market? Do they follow the entire production chain, from cultivation to the final product you can purchase online? These are questions, of which the answers could give you a more or less effective indication on the involved company.  

Are you looking for reviews? Verify the existence of a Facebook page, click on the review section or on ‘Trustpilot’ where you can learn about the reputation the company site has and which the opinions are of those who bought the product before.


When you receive the order, verify if the delivery times are in fact those mentioned on the web portal and the delivery conditions of the product as well. An important element to assess the reliability of a company.

Enecta and CBG (Cannabigerol)

Enecta decided to invest in research and knowledge on Cannabigerol, presenting on the market a new interesting product, G500, Premium Oil with CBG.

CBG is extracted from our plants cultivated in Italy and tested by independent laboratories to ensure safety and quality.

Which are the differences from CBD?

Differently from CBD, CBG is a cannabinoid carrying out its function as a basis for many other compounds produced by the plants during growth.

CBG contributes to the increase of anandamide production, it’s a molecule which helps to regulate sleep, appetite and memory, acting directly on the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD, on the contrary, reduces the access of anandamide to fatty acids.