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Enecta, Myths surrounding Cannabis - dispelled

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 26.02.2018

Enecta, Myths surrounding Cannabis - dispelled



The popularity of Cannabis is ever increasing - the extracts derived from it are a valuable ally to  provide relief for many diseases.

Additionally, the daily intake of CBD for example to rebalance the psychophysical system gives a small example of how this plant is more current than ever. However, there is an abundance of misleading information online, therefore it is necessary to dispel these rumours so as not to mislead users.

The first myth concerns the ability of THC to change people's actions by inducing violent behavior or carelessness in assuming responsibilities and commitments.

A study written in 2016 titled "Effects of Cannabis Use on Human Behavior, Including Cognition, Motivation, and Psychosis: A Review" published in Jama psychiatry questions this thesis.
According to the study, to date there is no relationship between the intake of cannabis with THC and the effects mentioned above. It is obvious that the intake of cannabis with THC can not be associated with tasks that require a particular amount of concentration.

The second myth concerns the role of Cannabis as a gateway to heavier drugs.

According to a study published in "Psychiatry and Addictions" "bridge-drugs" do not exist, but there are “bridge-like” drugs, whereby “people pass from one drug to another more than drugs create bridges for people.”

The article argues that the ´bridges´could be in a different sense – consuming the gateway drug could create a biological predisposition, thus reducing the time in which a dependency bond will develop.

Whether those who consume Cannabis will then consume Heroin or Cocaine, the ´heavier´drugs, is another argument.

The third myth concerns the link between Cannabis, Alcohol and Tobacco. The scientific literature produced on the theme demonstrates how it is impossible to put these three elements on the same level - the risks to health and life linked to Alcohol and Tobacco are incomparable with those related to Cannabis.

A fourth myth concerns the ability of Cannabis to heal cancerous diseases. Current scientific research on the subject is producing a lot of important literature, and, to date the research has shown that it can soothe pain, help stimulate appetite and generally contributes to increase the well-being of the patient during treatment. To learn more about this, click here.
The above mentioned are just some of the myths that circulate online about Cannabis! Do you want to tell us about other myths, or pass on more information about those already covered? Contact us via email - or through our Social channels, leaving a message on our Facebook or Instagram pages.


Laura Moya