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Rovigo, Enecta presents “Updates on Medical Hemp”

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 07.11.2017

Rovigo, Enecta presents  “Updates on Medical Hemp”



“Updates on Medical Hemp” is the name of the Conference, held Saturday November 11 in Rovigo, Italy.

The event is held at the Trade Fair of Rovigo (Fiera Campionaria di Rovigo - CENSER), in the Rigolin Hall. Participants to the conference will be physicians, professionals and operators working daily in the sector of Cannabis for therapeutic uses.

CREA based in Rovigo and Centre of Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics, organized the event, of which Enecta is the Main sponsor.

The event will start at 9.30 am and will end in the afternoon.

The speeches will be delivered on various topics regarding the World of Cannabis Today: on “what we don’t know yet about phytochemistry of Cannabis”, on the Medical Cannabis law arrived at the Senate and awaiting to be voted, on the “ industrial preparation of CBD”, to name some of the many themes proposed during the conference.

Additionally topics like “The Pharmacist transforms Cannabis to meet the needs of the patients” and “Advanced Methodologies for the analysis of Cannabis products” will be treated.

The event is open to all operators of the sector; to participate please register by sending an e-mail to: