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Therapeutic Vaping, practical guide to purchasing online!

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 28.12.2017

Therapeutic Vaping, practical guide to purchasing online!


In the World of Vaping high concentration CBD products are emerging more and more and establishing themselves on the market so much so that on the web the concept of “Vape Therapy” is being discussed frequently.

The use of CBD in the therapeutic field is now familiar to almost everybody and scientific evidence  witnesses the efficacy of cannabidiol. High concentration CBD E-liquids or Crystals can be used for therapeutic purposes in case of  anxiety caused by stress or specific problems, muscular and joint pain, caused by incorrect postures, we assume during the day, etc.  

In this “practical guide to purchasing” we will try and give you some indications on how to buy your products consciously.

Before purchasing a product, it’s advisable to visit the Web portal of the company and gather information to become aware of who you are dealing with and to obtain knowledge about the product you intend to buy.  

Ensuring yourself of the reliability of the product, means verifying the provenance of CBD, for how long the Company has been present on the market and their readiness to make information available to patients and consumers through their communication channels. 

Better not select a product based on pricing; choose it on reliability! Too low a price or too high a price  don’t always mean a good buy or good quality, respectively.
If you go for the option of CBD in e-liquid we suggest you to start vaping low CBD concentrations, observe the way your body reacts and then decide if to continue with this cannabidiol concentration or try a higher one.

If you choose CBD in Crystals, also in this case you’d better start with a small quantity: an amount as small as a grain of rice will do.
If you are a beginning “vaper” you should know that the effects of inhalation are noticeable after a couple of minutes.

So unskilled consumers might think after a few inhalations that no effect has been achieved and thus continue inhaling until the desired effect is noticeable.
Inhale CBD, wait a few minutes and then continue, without rushing!

Especially if  you’re experiencing it for the first time just a few vapes will probably do to get the desired effect. In contrast to (cigarette) smoke, vaporizers require a very slow inhalation. So, long and slow inhalations to fill your lungs with the vapour and appreciate CBD in its most pure form!

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