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CBD (Cannabidiol), how long does it take for it to take effect?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 03.05.2018

CBD (Cannabidiol), how long does it take for it to take effect?


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One of the questions we receive from our customers daily regards the effects; “When I take CBD, after how much time does it take effect?” is one of the most popular queries we gather.  

Here below we will try to give you useful and clear information on the effects and accordingly on which products to turn to when deciding to consume Cannabidiol.

The “times of CBD taking effect” are generally associated with the way of consumption. To explain this concept better, we propose the example of a Medical Drug; when we use a Medicine it comes into contact with our blood circulation through which it reaches its “goal”, being this pain relief, getting a fever down etc.  

When we talk about CBD the goals to reach are many, why?

Metabolism of CBD, being  involved in many physiological processes as a modulator of other systems and not just the endocannabinoid system, is extremely subjective.  Therefore subjectivity is an element which has to be taken into account!

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However we can state that if we consume CBD by the sublingual route, the Oil, or by inhalation, vaping Crystals for example, we avoid the passage through the gastro-intestinal tract  and the estimated effect will be at the most after fifteen minutes.

If, on the other hand, for needs of various kinds, one takes CBD in Capsules making a passage through the stomach, the “times of taking effect” are stretched and depending on the various enzymes implicated in the digestive process, can vary from one to three hours!  

So these are the times in which Cannabidiol releases it effects; based on this knowledge, which product to choose?

Do you want to know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you take in?

In order to control the dosage of CBD in a precise way, the Enecta Team suggests you to use Premium Hemp Extract Capsules, with which you exactly know how many milligrams you take in, each time you swallow a capsule.

This is fundamental for those using CBD for therapeutic purposes and also for those approaching Cannabidiol for the first time and find their ideal solution in the Capsules.

The second strong point if this product regards the absorption by our organism of the CBD Oil inside the capsules¸ which seems more complete in respect to “loose” drops.

So if we choose Premium Hemp Extract?

It is very important to understand the field of application of Cannabidiol, “Why we use it”, so one is able to fine-tune the dosage and the concentration in the best of ways.

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In our Premium Hemp Extract 10% there are actually 1000 mgs of CBD, we are not talking about 1000 mgs of Hemp Extract but truly about 1000 mgs of the active substance!

Enecta takes care of its own Oil from the very first phase, from the cultivation of the Hemp Plants, up to the manufacturing of the final product. A product 100% Made in Italy.

Premium Hemp Extract 10% is one of the Enecta products which are mainly appreciated by our customers-consumers; it can be used to contrast asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, migraine, nausea, stress, anxiety states, to fight pain, because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Scientific studies demonstrate how Cannabidiol can be used in the irritable bowel syndrome; in preclinical studies the correlation between CBD and blood pressure has been pointed out.
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The timing of the CBD effects depends on the way of consumption