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The OECM study on the quality of CBD oil. Which product does it select

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 31.01.2019

The OECM study on the quality of CBD oil. Which product does it select


During 2018 the Observatorio Español de Cannabis Medicinal – OECM has coordinated an analytical study of cannabis oils containing cannabidiol (CBD) which are currently available on the Spanish market.

The laboratory tests were conducted by the  Narcotics Analysis Unit of the Public Health Laboratory of Madrid and involved two different batches of 15 brands of cannabis oils.

The study was intended to evaluate the effective quality of the products on sale and verified in each of them the quantities of active principles (cannabidiol CBD and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol THC) and of tetrahydrocannabinol acid THCA and cannabidiol acid CBDA. In addition, the research investigated also the possible presence of contaminants like metals and pesticides.

Representing the family of Enecta products there was our  hemp oil with a concentration of 3% of CBD.

The results of the OECM Study

Out of 15 analysed oils, only 5 had in both batches the concentration of cannabidiol corresponding exactly to what was stated on the package label.  

Some oils had lower quantities of CBD than declared or had labels which weren’t clear for the consumer. The researchers also found traces of both pesticides and metals in at least five of the analysed oils, even though it was declared, on the label, they came from 100% organic cultivations.  

Lastly, the researchers reported, some of the brands did not give any code or number to guarantee the traceability of the product.  

Enecta hemp oil with CBD

The oil with 3% CBD produced by Enecta resulted to be one of the products stating on the package the exact concentration of CBD present in the oil. Moreover, the Enecta oil with CBD  resulted to be free from pesticides and metals and regularly traceable.

This result isn’t surprising. Enecta products are packed with  particular attention to all the stages of the product cycle, starting from the lands, which are solely organic and certified. Furthermore, our cultivation methods avoid intensive exploitation of the land and the natural cycle of the hemp plant is fully respected, without any forced intervention.

The hemp market is steadily expanding. The initiatives like the analysis conducted by the OECM in Madrid give the possibility to cast light on the quality of what is currently available on the market and allow the consumers to make an informed choice.

Each day it should be remembered to everybody how important it is to purchase products which present their exact composition and guarantee to be coming from a process undergoing strict inspections.