Step 1 
Grown only on the best soil

At Enecta CBD and Cannabinoids are extracted from Cannabis which is grown in organic certified soil. Hemp grown naturally shows the best characteristic to be used as starting material for Cannabis extractions. No soil intensive fiber hemp farming is acceptable for our cbd oil and extracts, only the best italian soil when the time is right.

Step 2 
The best genetics CBD strain

We use only strains of Cannabis or Hemp which is ideal for making cannabis extract.
Native cannabis strains which are been grown since generation to boost the content of good beneficial molecules and improve the spectrum of our cbd hemp oil extract.

Step 3 
The best growing condition

Cultivating hemp is one of the best thing that a farmer can do, such a versatile plant is used in many kind of industry. When growing hemp or cannabis for medicinal purpose special attention must be used to preserve the medicinal value of this plants by selecting the best crop and respecting the plant cycle, no rush.

Step 4 
Craftsmanship and Science

Both the best craftsmanship and science is used to make the best cbd oil.
When Cannabis is ready for extraction is time for the laboratory to test and extract all the good things this plant has to offer us. We extract following a strict GMP protocol (good manufacturing practices) which means that you are in good hands, the hands of our skilled botanist and pharmacists checking every step of the production for you.