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Vaping CBD Crystals, how to use them correctly?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 28.03.2019

Vaping CBD Crystals, how to use them correctly?

Through Crystals it is possible to appreciate CBD in its purest and healthiest form, giving our psychophysical system a generalised sense of wellbeing, while eliminating the combustion processes as well, of which the problems they could create to our health are well-known.

Why vaporising cannabidiol?

The dangers linked to smoking are known, the combustion processes can create problems to our health, all experts agree on the fact that from this point of view Vaping represents an additional option for the following reasons:

1 - The temperatures are inferior so the presence of catarrh in the respiratory system is reduced and as a consequence coughing and symptoms like “tight chest”, typical of smokers, are drastically reduced

2 - Carcinogenic tar-oils, typical of cigarettes, are eliminated

3 - The Vapor isn’t “smoke”: it is completely odourless

4 - Vaping is an effective way to absorb cannabinoids of which the effects are almost instantaneous and hence allow to understand which is the right dosage to “vape”

5 - When  we "vape" CBD, the sensations perceived are of major relaxation and the symptoms related to pain are drastically reduced.

How to vaporise crystals in a correct manner?

For an efficient vaporising process, it is necessary to possess a vaporiser of good-quality which allows to keep the temperature under control.  

In order to obtain an optimum performance, the Crystals must be vaporised between 160° and 180°, so there is no risk of burning them or to not vaporising them sufficiently.

A quantity just as small as a grain of rice is enough to obtain a good result. With a good result we mean more vapes and the obtainment of the effects desired by the consumer, which can be, soothing pain or looking for a state of generalised relaxation.

The market proposes a series of vaporisers to be purchased which are different from one another with regards to technical and utilisation characteristics; as we will see, if we intend to vaporise CBD Crystals we will need a device which has different characteristics from a vaporiser used for vaporising flowers or e-liquids. 
Vaporisers can be portable, for traveling or fixed.

Enecta CBD crystals, when they reach a temperature between 160 and 180 C°, melt and assume a consistency of an oil.

It is essential when consuming this product to utilise a vaporiser able to control temperature and to contain oils.  

The majority of vaporisers we can find on the market are created to vaporise aromatic dry herbs and not to contain liquids, like the oil derived from the melting of CBD crystals.

This way of consumption is certainly the most immediate and effective for appreciating the properties of CBD because the active principle, when absorbed by the lungs, is assimilated instantaneously.

The importance of quality of the crystals

A quality product allows us to appreciate the properties of cannabidiol fully. Enecta CBD crystals are extracted from Cannabis Sativa L. and subsequently purified to a 99%.

Besides CBD in the crystals we can also find a small quantity of natural plant terpenes which have the objective to give the product the characteristic flavour of a delicious Cannabis extract.

How are the cbd crystals produced?

In the initial phase a raw extract is obtained from the hemp plant, in which we can find all components of the plant, CBD and in lesser quantities other cannabinoids, chlorophyll, wax, terpenes and whichever extractable compound of the plant we can find in the first extraction phase. In this phase the extract looks like a dark molasses containing the entire spectrum of  the hemp plant.

Parting from this first extract, the various phases of refining follow, which gradually lead to the obtainment of the ever growing pureness of the final product.

The more we refine the product and the more the attention is focused only on a specific molecule, the more we will find high percentages of CBD  in the final extract and a distinctly lower quantity of all other substances.

Once exceeded the threshold of 80% of purity of CBD in the extract, this starts to solidify or, using the appropriate term, to crystallise.

The refining process proceeds until anything which isn’t pure cannabidiol is eliminated and an over a 99% pure final extract is obtained: practically, when crystals appear we have obtained a pure molecule ofcannabidiol (CBD).

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