Back Pain? Marijuana Could Help

Back Pain? Marijuana Could Help

Cannabis seems to be an important tool in fighting against the back pain. During the recent meeting of North American Spin Society, some groups of scientists from the University of Colorado presented the results of test, proving that the use of Cannabis can positively support the fight against the back pain.  

Based on these tests, they stated that after using Cannabis, 90% of people with back pain problems felt significant relief. The test was performed by a group under the leadership of dr.Michael Finn, whoexamined184 patients from Colorado Spine Center.

90% of patients who took Cannabis, did it by means of inhalation, and 29% of them declared they had used a vaporizer for this purpose.
Without generalization, as the above results are based on very personal feelings of patients, we can confirm, that using Cannabis in treating different types of medical conditions, just like the back pain, is by all means justified.

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