Cannabis sativa L. seeds: properties, uses and health benefits

Cannabis sativa L. seeds: properties, uses and health benefits

The cannabis plant is living an actual “rediscovery”. Its seeds can be used in various fields

Cannabis sativa L. is a plant species belonging to the Cannabis genus, commonly utilised in the textile, construction and food industries. Cannabis is a plant genus belonging to the Cannabaceae family.

The classification of the varieties cultivated of this plants is still much debated. Today, it is still difficult to understand, in fact, whether the various types of the cannabis plant belong to a single species, Cannabis sativa, or whether the plants denominated Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Ruderalis, for example, should be considered distinct species.

Today, Cannabis sativa is cultivated throughout the world. Its introduction in Europe probably goes back to the second millennium BC and in Italy traces of its presence have been found as from the 1° century BC. Century after century, the cultivations of cannabis spread throughout the world up until the Thirties of the 20th century. Only in the past few years an actual rediscovery of this plant has taken place, due to the continuous series of scientific publications which attest its excellent and useful properties.


What’s inside cannabis seeds?

Hemp seeds are composed for a 24% of proteins (principally edestin and albumin). To these other eight essential amino acids must be added: leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. This characteristic makes the seeds a healthy food, already used in certain diets. Hemp seeds are, in fact, rich in vegetable fats (about 35%) among which the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, naturally contained in linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid. 
These are true active nutrients, present in high quantities in vegetable oils and in some animal fats. Moreover, hemp seeds present a significant content of vitamins and mineral salts.  


How are the seeds of Cannabis sativa used?

The seeds can be used both as an ingredient in a dish (for example in a salad) or to obtain the oil, increasingly used in a wide range of areas, the latest of which the cosmetic use of cbd.

In order to obtain its cannabis oil, Enecta utilises plants of cannabis varieties  listed in the European community register and admitted for cultivation for industrial use.

We are talking about cannabis with low THC contents (always below 0,2% within the limits provided for by the law). The extraction falls under a production process which respects a series of very precise quality standard requirements, and the plant is cultivated according to the most recent guide lines, dictating the principles for guaranteeing a quality product, from cultivation up to sales.

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