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“Cannavaping” sounds like something stoners do for fun – and it can be – but research shows that it’s actually quite difficult to obtain a high with vaping as opposed to smoking or dabbing. Instead, scientists are looking to cannavaping as a method of obtaining the benefits of cannabinoids without the dangers of smoking or the disadvantages of ingestion.

The disadvantages of smoking or dabbing

The disadvantages of smoking are well-known. There will definitely be pollutants inhaled into the lungs along with any cannabinoids. It’s also difficult to control the dose, and with high THC formulations of cannabis oil, there’s the danger of a THC overdose that can cause nausea and vomiting.

But there’s more to cannabis than THC. Those seeking a cannabis variant with therapeutic value who prefer not to get ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ can turn to a high CBD extract in order to get cannabinoid benefits without the side-effects. Although the danger of overdose is far less likely (no CBD doses have as yet been recorded, even in trials where very high volumes were administered), cannavaping still offers an alternative way to get the cannabinoids into our bloodstream.

The disadvantages of ingestion

Taking cannabinoids orally works well for some people, but it has its disadvantages. Absorption is erratic, and the cannabinoids that are absorbed may have been changed by digestive processes making them less active than they would be if they were inhaled. It’s also much easier to control dosage of inhaled cannabinoids – but researchers warn that the device chosen is important – it should not overheat the oil and it should not generate any contaminants.

Using the benefits of cannabinoids without the dangers of smoking with Cannavaping

Ambrosia Cannabis E-liquid

Ambrosia E-liquid from Enecta strives to give you all the advantages of cannabinoids – without the disadvantages. Firstly, the high has been eliminated. The liquid is made from hemp plants and therefore contains such a tiny amount of THC that it’s legal, even in countries where marijuana is illegal. Instead, it contains the CBD cannabinoid which is believed to have many of the same advantages as THC.

It’s specifically designed for cannavaping, so you can be assured of a pleasant taste – and whether you’re cannavaping for pleasure or for medical reasons, you’ll enjoy the peach, tobacco and marijuana flavors that have been created for vaping connoisseurs.

Advantages of Ambrosia

Ambrosia has both technical and practical advantages. It:

  • Is legal
  • Can’t make you high
  • Is pesticide and GMO free
  • Is produced from natural plant material using advanced extraction techniques.
  • Has been produced according to Good Manufacturing Processes and is certified accordingly.

Apart from producing a very pleasant and relaxing vape, Ambrosia may have additional benefits. Researchers and even government agencies say that the CBD cannabinoid may have a range of medicinal properties.

Many of these potential uses for CBD are still being explored through pharmaceutical research, but so far, CBD has shown great promise as a medicine for the future. For many, it remains a relaxing vape, and Ambrosia is designed for the perfect vaping experience.

Author: Andrea Durrheim