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What is Dravet Syndrome?

Dravet syndrome is a rare developmental and epileptic condition. Typical onset occurs during infancy, and severe drug-resistant seizures characterize the syndrome.

Dravet syndrome causes prolonged febrile and non-febrile seizures during the first twelve months of a child’s life. As the disease progresses, myoclonic and partial seizures are prevalent alongside ataxia and psychomotor delay. 

Other symptoms include behavioral disorders, cognitive impairment, and motor deficits, including impulsiveness and hyperactivity. In rarer cases, autistic-like behaviors have been reported.

Dravet syndrome is associated with sleep disorders such as insomnia and lethargy. As patients diagnosed with the condition get older, the seizures that they experience worsen.

Unfortunately, the disease is not easily observed in its early stages. Therefore, the ranges in severity differ with individual diagnoses. Additionally, resistance to drugs makes it a challenge to develop effective treatments.

CBD and Dravet Syndrome:

Recently, researchers have studied the use of cannabis to treat Dravet syndrome. Various studies have shown that cannabinoids of the Cannabis Sativa plant (primarily THC and CBD) offer antiepileptic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory properties as well as many additional health benefits.

A 2017 study attempted to find out if cannabinoids could reduce the frequency and intensity of convulsion in people diagnosed with Dravet syndrome. One study split participants into two groups. Set one received 20mg of CBD per kg of body weight, whereas set two were administered a placebo.

After close monitoring, those that had taken CBD reported a 7.5% decrease in convulsion frequency, whereas there was only a 0.8% decrease reported in the patients that received the placebo. After the fourteen-week trial ended, 43% of patients reported a 50% reduction in the frequency of their convulsions.

Another 2017 study in Australia revealed how CBD could improve the day-to-day lives of Dravet syndrome patients, with participants observing a significant reduction in the severity and recurrence of their seizures.

These studies reveal the benefits that medicinal cannabis offers for treating Dravet syndrome. CBD is a natural treatment that has very low-risk side effects and can alleviate many symptoms of other conditions, some of which have been quoted in these testimonials from people who underwent cannabinoid treatment.

Additional Benefits of CBD in Treating Dravet Syndrome:

The beneficial effects of CBD have reportedly reduced psychotic symptoms, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, and nausea. 

CBD and Epilepsy

CBD has proven to be the most efficient in treating several forms of epilepsy. Additionally, unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, and therefore will not make users feel ‘high.’

In 2018, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved Epidolex, a CBD based medication, for the treatment of Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, two forms of epilepsy that had previously been treatment-resistant.

Forty percent of participants in this meta-study reported a 50% drop in the frequency of their seizures, while Twenty-five percent reported 70% fewer seizures. An additional ten percent of the participants were ‘seizure-free’ when the study concluded.

Although medical professionals and scientists are still researching into exactly how CBD treats epileptic seizures, the evidence available proves that it definitely works.

There are several hypotheses as to how CBD helps to treat epilepsy:

  • CBD is neuroprotective - helping to support brain health and reducing both the severity and frequency of seizures.
  • CBD is an anticonvulsant - working to alleviate the root symptoms of epileptic seizures.
  • CBD has anti-inflammatory effects - Helping to lower epilepsy-related Neuroinflammation.
  • CBD works to modulate receptors in the brain - (VDAC, GPR55, and TRPV)
  • CBD increases GABA activity within the brain - helping to reduce the overall electrical activity, and therefore helping to prevent seizures.

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