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Discount an CBD oil against anxiety



Scientific literature offers interesting insights into how Cannabidiol could prove to be a great ally with which to fight anxiety – an illness, in the most serious cases, that can make everyday life very difficult.

Anxiety, what does it look like and what are the symptoms?

Anxiety is triggered when there is a feeling of danger and therefore the need to save oneself. The symptoms occur differently, for example, through depressive states, dizziness, paranoia, or difficulties in communication.

Anxiety disorders can be addressed with the help of a professional and the intent of this article is to provide a different point of view about the possible fields of application of CBD.

To better understand how CBD could counteract anxiety we quote a study carried out in 2015 called "Neurotherapeutics", led by a group of scientists including Esther M. Blessing, Maria M. Steenkamp, Jorge Manzanares and Charles R. Marmar.

Objective of the Study

The study looked at the effects of CBD on anxiety symptoms and how CBD could protect from the symptoms induced by cannabis use.


The preclinical evidence of the study demonstrates the effectiveness of CBD in reducing anxiety behaviors relevant to multiple disorders.

CBD helps to stimulate signals through serotonin receptors, which will then establish a positive effect on the user.

Although further studies are needed to arrive at a conclusion of proven scientific evidence, the team of researchers stated that "overall, this review underscores the potential value and need for further studies on CBD in the treatment of anxiety disorders".
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