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15% discount on all CBD products inclusive eliquids for vaping


The most efficient and healthy way to consume CBD is through our pulmonary system, as vaporization is recognized to be the preferred way of consumption to safeguard our health and maximize the effects of CBD

We know Cannabidiol can be taken in various forms but in this article we will focus on the world of Vaping.

Vaping and CBD are a binominal that in 2017 met with great success amongst the consumers, some vaporizing in therapeutic modality, others using it for “recreational”  purposes and vaporizing to appreciate the beneficial characteristics of CBD.

Purchasing CBD, which one to choose?

It is very important to know where the product comes from, if you intend to buy it, to know the origin of CBD, to find a direct contact with the company and clarify whichever doubt you might have, to verify since how long the company has been present on the market, in order to avoid buying a product of little reliability.


Vaping CBD is the most efficient and healthy way


Does the company follow the entire production process or doesn’t it?

This is just one of the many questions to ask yourself while surfing the Web in search of a CBD vape product.  

Delivery times, reliability doesn’t only mean quick delivery but also in what “state” a product is at the time of delivery – how it is delivered.

The price is probably one of the last variables to be considered for your selection of a quality CBD Vape product, where customer subjectivity enters the game.

Too high a price is absolutely no indication of quality, while too low a price shouldn’t be interpreted as a good deal, on the contrary. So once all the other variables have been evaluated, the price is the final one to consider.

It’s useful to compare similar products made by different companies. Enecta presents to its own customers/consumers two CBD Vape products: 99ONE CBD Crystals, 99% pure CBD Crystals and Ambrosia, an e-liquid without nicotine in three different CBD concentrations.


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