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Hemp and cannabis are a great source of natural healing medicine. We’re sure you’ve heard of CBD and THC, two popular cannabinoids which are extracted from the cannabis plant.

Both of these active compounds have a range of therapeutic benefits.

However, there are over 400 compounds in the cannabis plant, including over 120 cannabinoids and up to 200 terpenes. Most of these active compounds offer natural medicinal benefits.

CBG is one of the most overlooked compounds derived from the cannabis plant.

In this article we will mainly focus on the CBG health benefits, after a brief introduction on the cannabinoid itself.


What is CBG?

Cannabigerol, or CBG, is found in both cannabis and hemp plants. This cannabinoid is powerful and therapeutic, without being intoxicating.

Scientific research has suggested that CBG may help stimulate the regeneration of brain cells, along with the growth of new ones, even in the elderly.

It may also stimulate the growth of bones, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. And there’s more. CBG has been shown to have both antibacterial and anti-tumor properties, alleviate symptoms of glaucoma, manage skin conditions, and mediate dysfunction of the bladder. Similar to CBD, CBG can also benefit those that have depression or anxiety.

All in all, CBD has a reputation as a powerful compound, with the ability to help a large variety of conditions.


What are the Benefits of CBG?

There are many advantages and benefits of CBG supplementation. As with most cannabis science, the studies are ongoing and require through exploration. However, early results show that CBG holds a lot of promise in the treatment of a range of conditions.

Here are some of the ways that CBG may be beneficial to humans:

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CBG for Pain Relief

Cannabis is well-acknowledged for its pain-relieving properties. This 2014 study found that 97% of medical cannabis users were using it for some form of chronic pain relief. A further study undertaken by the National Academy of Sciences was conclusive in stating that cannabis is an effective at treating pain. 

Pain relief is frequently attributed to THC. However, studies on CBGA and CBG suggest that these also provide pain relief.

One study suggests that CBG is actually more effective in pain management that CBD or THC.

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CBG is Anti-Inflammatory

Another fantastic use for CBGA and CBG is as an anti-inflammatory supplement. Scientists think that these compounds can help people that suffer from inflammatory conditions.

One such condition is IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease).  Scientists were able to induce colitis in mice and note down their inflammatory markers. After they administered CBG to the mice, their inflammation was relieved.

After this early success indicator, they called for human trials to take place.

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CBG for the Brain

CBG is perhaps best known for its neuroprotective properties. This is probably due to the anti-inflammatory powers that the compound harbors. After all, brain inflammation can contribute to neural degeneration.

In lab studies on mice, CBG was introduced to the animals that had diseases similar to Huntingdon’s. In these cases, CBG reduced inflammation and protected against brain degeneration. In other cases, CBG has been shown to promote the growth of new brain cells.

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CBG for Cancer

CBG may help in the fight against some forms of cancer. This is because it could help to block receptors that promote cancer cell growth. In a study with mice that had colorectal cancer cells, CBG managed to stop the growth of the cancerous cells, slowing down the progression of the disease.

Additionally, some lab studies have proven that CBG can inhibit prostate cancer cell growth, while others have inhibited the growth of oral cancer cells. While there is a wealth of research to be done, these studies show a lot of promise for the possibilities of treating cancer with CBG.

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CBG for Eye Health

CBG could help to treat glaucoma, due to the way that it can reduce intraocular pressure. Inside our eyes are many tiny endocannabinoid receptors, which are activated by cannabinoids such as CBG.

When they are activated, a shift in intraocular pressure can occur. Although all cannabinoids are suggested to help with this, studies have found that CBG is particularly good at expediting the draining of fluids and decreasing pressure on the eye.

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Antibacterial Agent

According to research, CBG can also work as an effective antibacterial agent. It’s particularly useful against virulent strains such as MRSA, which are resistant to standard antibiotics.

Additionally, CBG’s ability to combat mycobacteria and fungi known as ‘gram-positive bacteria’ is far superior to CBD, THC, or CBC. In the future, these antibacterial properties may be synthesized to create new medicines.

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Bladder Dysfunction Aid

CBG can be a great help to people suffering from bladder dysfunctions. There are many anecdotal stories describing how cannabis can help patients with bladder issues.

Studies have monitored the impact of four different cannabinoids (THCV, CBDV, CBD, and CBG) on bladder contractions. The results revealed that CBG was the most effective in the inhibition of muscle contractions inside the human bladder. The conclusion was that this cannabinoid could be useful in treating the uncomfortable symptoms associated with many different bladder disorders.

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CBG for Psoriasis

CBG may also help with symptons associated with psoriasis. This condition makes normal skin mechanisms that regulate development of healthy skin go awry. This leads to a reddening or thickening of the skin.

CBG treatment is able to inhibit this effect, with research suggesting that it could prevent these symptoms altogether. Although more human studies are needed, CBG could be a helpful tool in the fight against psoriasis.

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CBG for anxiety and depression

Finally, it has been noted that CBG is helpful for emotional regulation. Studies on rodents have shown that CBG inhibits both GABA and serotonin uptake, increasing the levels of these chemicals in the brain.

This could mean that CBG may work as an antidepressant. In fact, CBG is more effective THC and CBD in GABA uptake inhibition.

This is great news, as CBG is non-psychoactive, it can be a useful cannabinoid THC alternative when it comes to relieving depression.

Using CBG Yourself

While studies are somewhat limited, more research is currently underway and must be completed in order to be conclusive.

CBG shows promise as a treatment for a wide variety of conditions and symptoms.

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