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When the term Cannabinoid Medical Family is used, most people instantly have their thoughts focused on CBD, and for a good reason.

Cannabidiol (CBD) grew into popularity during these past couple of years, with more studies being performed to deliver promising first conclusions from the research.

However, most people overlook the other cannabinoids found in the chemical structure of the cannabis plants.

Take CBG, for example. This compound has recently been gaining traction for two reasons:

  1. It’s similar to CBD because they are both non-intoxicating cannabinoids, which means they won’t make you high.

  2. CBG appears to have slightly different functions and health benefits than its cousin.

Is CBG legal?

Under the legal FDA framework (Food and Drug Administration), CBG is permitted, but some conditions exist. According to the FDA - “parts of the cannabis plant that do not contain THC or CBD might fall outside the scope of the drug exclusion rule.”

This means that if the CBG is derived from hemp, it could be sold legally. So, there are cases in which people market the cannabinoid as foods and dietary supplements.

Lack of research

Unlike CBD, with its gratuitous amounts of research and studies done on its potential health benefits, CBG has only recently started to be a topic of discussion. It can be concluded that both CBD and CBG interact with the same receptors in the body, according to a 2018 study (done by PubMed Central, regarded a highly respected database from the National Institutions of Health), and appear to have anti-inflammatory effects.

We are still unaware of how this chemical compound can help people with mental health issues such as anxiety or dementia. There are, however, some positives we can derive from recent studies on other diseases.

CBG’s Potential Benefits

According to a study done in 2015, some cannabinoids affect the contractions of the bladder. The same study showed that out of the five cannabinoids tested, CBG showed the most promising results in terms of treating bladder dysfunctions.

Another study conducted in 2014 showed that CBG has a high potential to cure cancer. PubMed Central studied colon cancer in rats and concluded that CBG could reduce the spread of these cancer cells and other tumors.

PubMed Central’s 2016 study again demonstrated CBG’s positive results when treating appetite loss. Appetite-stimulating chemicals like CBG can significantly help those with conditions like HIV or cancer.

Side Effects of CBG

Not much is known about CBG’s side effects, and the lack of research and data prevents us from making any assumptions or jumping to conclusions. However, given how similar CBG is to CBD, you might not want to mix it with medications like antibiotics and antimicrobials, heart rhythm medications, or mood medications for anxiety, depression, or mood disorders. It’s yet to be discovered how CBG may affect the way your body metabolizes these pills.

Is CBG The Next Big Thing?

Considering that the FDA doesn’t classify CBG as a drug when derived from hemp, it’s only natural that manufacturers might take this route in promoting CBG oil. The cannabinoid is also not listed on the schedules set out in the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961. All signs point towards legal clarity under international law and make CBG ripe for transport.

Nevertheless, a few things need to happen before we can proclaim CBG the next big thing in the cannabinoid family.

Firstly, consumers need to take an interest. It’s nearly impossible to predict how that will play out, but the first signs are encouraging with the ever-growing number of newly conducted studies on the topic.

Secondly, CBG needs to be grown at a scale so that the prices drop. CBG distillate stays about six times the cost of a CBD one, as CBG’s extraction price is also higher. The harvesting process is even more complicated, as the plant must harvest early to produce pure CBG before it synthesizes into other cannabinoids.

In Summary

It will be interesting to observe CBG’s journey as it grows in popularity and grows daily. The potential offered by this cannabinoid is hard to be looked over, and the health benefits could be enormous. Exciting as this may sound, we could be looking at the new leader of the cannabinoids.

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