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CrossFit is a sport that is reaching incredible popularity, more and more people are approaching a discipline that even before a sport is a different way of life, a new concept of community with which they develop sports relations and activities.
Enecta believes in the wellbeing of sport and in particular in CrossFit, and in the last two years has developed a partnership with the CrossFit Roveri gym in Bologna.
To find out more, we met Umberto, one of the partners of CrossFit Roveri, to learn more about training methods and how this discipline is developing!
What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is a physical strengthening program carried out by mixing functional exercises, gymnastics, weight lifting and monostructural exercises such as running, swimming, biking, rowing, etc.
The client range is very varied, ranging from young to old with any kind of sports background. Anyone can adapt to it by changing the exercises (reducing loads and intensity) to their individual conditions and skills.
How was your passion for CrossFit born?
During a trip to the USA in 2011 was the first time I entered a CrossFit box.
How many times do you train during the week and what is the greatest result you have achieved?
I train five times a week, work permitting! The aim of CrossFit is to allow those who practice it to achieve a very high level of physical and psychological well-being and to maintain it. This is the result I have achieved and that I touch on every day.
What do you recommend to people who want to approach this sport?
Simply to try and believe. And not to think that it is too difficult or tiring. Normally, with experience, Crossfit either takes you immediately or does not catch you. But if you give it the chance to get into your life I can guarantee you that it will change you for the better.




Why did you choose Enecta as a partnership?
Let's say that we have chosen each other. Enecta makes high quality products that are absolutely compatible with those who practice Crossfit both in terms of prevention and support in particular in muscle recovery and as a maintenance of soft tissue functionality, being extremely effective also as anti-inflammatory.
 What products do you use with Enecta? Before or after sports?
I use the oil in particular after sports. And in cycles I use it daily as an anti-inflammatory.
What are the main advantages you feel?
It has worked well as an anti-inflammatory in my tendons, as well as increased speed in muscle recovery.
How will your season develop?
In terms of sporting competitions, we will participate every year, in the most important competitions on the national scene as well as in a team with our top athletes such as Giacomo Colomba, Valerio De Checchi, Federica di Giacomo and Alessio Sbano at major events such as Fall Series, Southern Warrios, Italian Box Battle, Adriatic Games etc. For the first time we will try as a team to qualify in some European competitions!


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