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Today we met Hernan Dellape, the owner of the Si o Si FitClub Bologna Gym, who, together with the GardenBo Gelateria, collaborates with Enecta in the Free Fitness project - an hour and a half of outdoor sports in the name of Wellness.

The Free Fitness project began last autumn with two weekly appointments at the Giardini Margherita, which is doing very well, with an average presence of 30 people.
"The idea began with the goal of doing outdoor sports” - Hernan tells us during our meeting - “it has a variety of workouts, and we can say that it's going well!"
"FreeFitness is a different way of doing sports and sharing experiences, we are perhaps not yet culturally accustomed to doing outdoor winter sports, but with a little patience and perseverance the cold will not win".



How do you manage training with such a diverse group of participants?

As we have a large group of 30 people with different fitness levels, one of the ways to work for results is to work on 'time', to an established time scale during which everyone performs an exercise at their own pace. For example, in 30 seconds participants have to do as many squats as possible!


How important is doing sports and training well to get results?

Sport is essential above all at a mental level. It helps a lot to reduce stress and tension and to feel better. However, if we speak instead from a physical point of view, in addition to exercise it is important to take care of nutrition - if you are used to eating badly, even if you train very well, you will struggle to change some characteristics of your body, both at a muscular and weight level. Another important element is the 'recovery time' - sometimes I hear someone say 'I train every day', this is not always optimal as the body needs to recover.



What is the motto that drives you and your team to do their best every day at work?

The desire to do and above all teach - I do a very nice job, I could not do anything else in life, I never lose the desire to teach! So with my kids I insist on communication and constant attention during the hours of training with clients, so that the latter can train at best avoiding errors of any kind.

Can you find time to train with the hours spent teaching sports?

I find the time to train. Instead of having a coffee, I go to the gym and do 20 minutes of training, as at the Margherita Gardens we do exercises based on high intensity. I apply the same concept to mine, so in seven days I train at least four times and not for more than 40 minutes, always working on the principle of high intensity!



Any practical advice for the lazy who will postpone the session in the gym or in the open air tomorrow?

All groups should exercise for 20 minutes before breakfast - it is a good way to activate metabolism and to start sporting activity. With the diet, it's important to cut down portion sizes. When clients reach a good training level the body will acclimatise to these changes.

Hernan FreeFitness will be there until July 31st and will then give an appointment to everyone for September, what advice do you have for sportsmen for the month of August?

In August I recommend a walk on the beach or in the mountains. Recovery is essential. We will then start again in September, with the two weekly appointments, except the end of August, Christmas, and the New Year – we always train all year round, right?


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