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If you came across this article most probably you might be asking yourself how to buy CBD oil online.

We will therefore try and supply you of the practical instruments with which you can get this product through our shops!

Enecta has opened a web portal to its Italian customers on which they can get all the necessary information regarding CBD and  then decide which products to buy and how to do so. One can access our site through the web address www.enecta.com

Accessing the Enecta  portal makes it possible to buy the product online; like in any type of e-commerce, with a credit card or any other prepaid card commonly used in the international circuits.
If you have problems finalizing your buy on the website, which might be caused by a bad web connection or problems with your purchasing card, you can write an e-mail to info@enecta.com and you will receive a reply regarding your difficulties at the soonest, as well as a solution to the problem!
Besides the e-mail account at your disposal for any question you might have, are there other ways to communicate with the company? Enecta  has made its own social media channels available to you, on which members of our Team are ready to reply to your queries and find a solution to your possible purchasing issues. 



How to contact? Leave a message on our Facebook page or write us on Instagram, or if you prefer on Twitter.

Important note - On the web many companies propose lab certifications, however the core element of the product which makes the real difference is the concentration of CBD and the actual presence of cannabidiol in the product.

Enecta oil - Enecta offers an Oil with a 10% CBD extract, which has already met with great success amongst those who desire to improve their general wellbeing and maximize the nutritional values of Hemp oil, like Omega 3 and antioxidants. It has been possible for some weeks already to buy an oil with a higher percentage of cannabidiol, equal to a 24%. 

To benefit most from a quality CBD oil, it is necessary to know the product we are about to purchase and try; an example of fundamental information is the presence of cannabidiol.

How much CBD is really present in the product you are looking for? In Enecta’s CBD Oil there are actually 1000 mgs of CBD; we are not talking about 1000 mgs of Hemp extract, but about 1000 mg of the active substance. Gather information, enquire, get rid of all your doubts and buy through our online store in total safety!