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What do we know about the actual benefits of Cannabis? In the past years on the web a multitude of information has circulated on the subject “Medical Cannabis”; the purpose of our article is to try and get some order in all this information to make a review and offer concrete information.
Therapeutic Cannabis

Many people ask themselves “Which properties has Cannabis got?” “Can it help to cure this specific disease?” “Are we certain it can help me?”.

The Scientific Community has been studying the properties of this plant for years now; last year, to name a study, the Journal of the American Medical Association has published a research of the University of Bristol in which the effectiveness of Cannabis is treated. 

The results state that Cannabinoids could be a support in the treatment of chronic neuropathies, in spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis, in pain caused by cancer as well as in the treatment of nausea and vomit caused by chemotherapy. Read the study by clicking Here

- Read the interview with Doctor Massimo Nabissi, researcher at the University of Camerino, click Here.

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Therapeutic Cannabis in Italia

In Italy, all Regions, with exception of the Sardinia Region, have legislated laws which govern the access of users to Cannabis. However the scenery is not homogeneous, we can find virtuous Regions and Regions still left far behind, to which should be added the issue of supplying, the incapacity to satisfy the internal demand coming from many sick people.

In the latest Government Taxation Decree the issue has been addressed, by refinancing the project of the Military Laboratory of Florence and with a non-stop supply from Holland; however it is assumed that this strategy will reveal itself insufficient.  
The solution could be to open the production to Italian private companies?  
In the meantime the individual Regions are better equipping themselves. Let’s take a look at the “Emilia Romagna case” representing a tangible example of the Therapeutic Cannabis topic.

Emilia Romagna has asked the Ministry of Health to double the quantity of medical cannabis at its disposal for the year 2018, passing from 37 to 60 kilograms.

The Region has decided to purchase a share through its hospital pharmacies, in order to guarantee therapeutic continuity of the treatment. This will be the first Italian region to do so and other regions might follow this example.  

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