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Premium Hemp Extract 24% is a product with more specific therapeutic characteristics and is dedicated to those using CBD in high dosages several times a day to keep under control and contrast pathologies.

Compared with the 10%Oil, the concentration of CBD is more than doubled and being the CBD concentration higher, also that of the other cannabinoids present in the oil are higher, except THC, obviously remaining in compliance with the applicable Law.
The role of CBD (Premise)
Metabolism of CBD being involved in many physiological processes as a modulator of other systems, and not only the endocannabinoid system, is extremely subjective.

If used for specific pathologies it is very important and always recommended to consult a doctor. There are also consumers for whom minor Cannabidiol concentrations are not enough.

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CBD Oil (Knowing the product)
It is very important to know the product we are about to purchase. A quality Hemp oil comes from accurately selected Hemp strains which produce high CBD concentrations.  

The plants should have good soil to grow on. High CBD concentrations and good soil form an inseparable combination to obtain a quality product.

Enecta extracts CBD from Cannabis grown on certified organic lands, cultivations on the Italian territory;  present in Italy, processed with the highest standards of quality and safety.



CBD, when to use Premium Hemp Extract 24% (High concentration)

The Enecta experience talks about cases in which it is necessary to use CBD in high concentrations and high dosages to contrast specific pathologies in a resolute manner.

Many of our customers purchase Premium Hemp Extract 24% for therapeutic purposes, facing significant costs. In case of financial difficulties, as a Company we are willing to create a communication channel,  study the case and find a possible solution.
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CBD, how much does an Oil with a high Cannabidiol concentration cost?

CBD in high concentrations is present on the market at high costs and at the moment this is unavoidable. The costs to extract CBD in a professional manner are significant, hence the consumers often encounter high concentration CBD at higher costs.

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