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CBD is becoming increasingly popular amongst its consumers and a growing number of people is showing interest in this molecule with its extremely interesting properties.  

In this phase of rising popularity the users-consumers can find a wide range of advertisements and offers on the Web, which may confuse them when trying to select a quality product consciously.

In this article we will try and make you aware of the possible “pitfalls” you might fall into when not possessing the adequate instruments and knowledge to recognize a quality product.  

The first pitfall is the way CBD is described and proposed: as something almost “magic”, which heals and resolves practically any possible health issue you can think of.
CBD does not have a solution to all your problems, however, numerous scientific studies are carrying on research on its effects and possible applications.  

Interest from the scientific community regarding the therapeutic potentials of CBD is increasing continuously and it has been used in various research studies to treat a wide range of health problems, thus gaining recognition as one of the primary elements of “Therapeutic Cannabis”. 

The second pitfall which should not be underestimated, regards pricing - a variable which often involves subjectivity. An extremely high price is in no way an indication of quality, just as a bargain price does not necessarily mean you made a good deal, on the contrary. So after having examined all other variables, one might want to take a closer look at pricing, for example by comparing the prices of similar products (e.g. 10% CBD oil contents) produced by different companies.   

The third pitfall one may easily fall into regards the concentration of CBD. One should always verify the reliability of the producing company; but how to assess reliability?  In the first place checking the availability of specific certifications necessary for production and distribution of the product and in the second place all further information provided, which is useful for the public to make a conscious choice.  

A company following the production processes from the very first steps, i.e. from the cultivation of the Hemp plants from which cannabidiol is extracted, will certainly have major authority compared to other competitors.

One suggestion is to visit the company web portal, study the available information thoroughly, verify for how long the company has been active on the Cannabis market and if not yet satisfied, contact the Brand in order to obtain a closer and more direct encounter, which might help to get rid of any possible remaining doubts. 

So, before purchasing our first CBD product, it’s essential to get informed, so we can select a quality product consciously; would you like to know more about it?

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