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Hemp Oil for Sale – but should you risk it?

It’s generally accepted that hemp oil and its active cannabinoid, CBD, is good for you. It doesn’t make you high, and it is reputed to have many of the same benefits attributed to medical marijuana. Research study after research study produces hugely promising results, leading the people to seek hemp oil for sale when mainstream meds fail them. But what many of these unfortunates do not realize is that there is a metaphorical shark-tank of “entrepreneurs” out there just waiting for them to dip into the possibility of buying hemp oil concentrates.

 The strange situation surrounding medical cannabis (including hemp oil) in the US is furthering the potential for scammers and con-men to make fortunes in an environment that’s plagued by the following disturbing factors:

No regulation or standardization

Even if you were an ethical producer of hemp oil, there is still a lack of external quality control and regulation that could lend your product credibility. Regretfully, money making rackets have realized that producing fake lab reports is easy. Those in search of hemp oil for sale can easily be conned into buying a product with little or no CBD content. On the other side of the coin, there are those who are selling THC rich marijuana oil as hemp oil, resulting in unpleasant surprises for those who thought they were getting a non-psychoactive product.
As for product labels, there’s no telling whether they reflect the true ingredients of whatever goop’s in the bottle. For example, the FDA found that a product advertising 21% CBD tested negative for any cannabinoids to speak of. In a report published in the Journal of Regulatory Science, investigators from the FDA alerted for large inconsistencies in the level of CBD in the majority of 20 products purchased from legal online stores.



Dangerous solvents, pesticides and molds

Butane and naphtha are commonly used in the oil extraction process, and either of these can leave behind dangerous residues, particularly if you plan to use hemp oil taken orally.  Recent dispensary scandals that have ended in the withdrawal of product ranges from dispensary shelves are linked to dangerous pesticide levels found by investigators, and poor handling of harvested plant material could result in the presence of mycotoxins (toxic substances produced by fungi). When plant material is concentrated into an oil form, these toxins are also concentrated in the resulting extract.

Hemp oil for sale? Check these facts before you take the plunge
  • Where and how was the hemp grown? Can the seller provide proof of this?
  • What are the contents of the oil? Can you get the name of the lab that tested it and follow up?
  • How was the oil extracted?
  • How much CBD is in the oil, and can this be confirmed?
  • Is there any form of certification?
It may sound as if you have a lot of detective work to do before you can find reliable hemp oil for sale, but at least it’s a process that you only have to go through once. There are safe, trustworthy hemp oil products out there, but finding them could be trickier than you expected. Once you do, you can look forward to enjoying all the benefits of hemp oil.