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If you consider that CBD is one of the most common cannabinoids in cannabis, you’d expect that finding high CBD oil would be an easy task, but it may be a little more difficult than you would expect.

One of the problems is that CBD oil is just so popular! It takes quite a lot of hemp to make just a few drops of oil, so some people, hoping to take advantage of the huge demand for CBD, are selling oils with just traces of CBD or even no CBD as a healthful oil.


The plants must be grown for the purpose

There have also been countless cases of people using hemp that was grown for fibre and therefore as a crop not intended for oral ingestion to make oil. In this case, the product could be contaminated with pesticides, or even heavy metals from fertilizers.

To make a healthy hemp oil, extra care must be taken in the production of the plant material. Specifically, organic farming methods have to be applied, and although hemp is known as a relatively easy-going crop, farmers often have to control pests such as red spider mite as well as fungal pathogens to maximize yields.

Unless they know that their harvest will be used to create something that is fit for human consumption, they won’t hold back on chemical use.


Cultivar selection

Cannabis is an extremely variable plant, and not all hemp varieties are high in CBD.

Well-meaning but unprofessional people may extract oils from a variety that doesn’t contain the CBD levels that you should be looking for. To get a high CBD oil, cultivar selection is the first step.


High CBD oil requires careful extraction methods

There’s more than one way of doing anything, and cannabis oil extraction can be done in many ways.

Supercritical CO2 extraction is the best way to get all the natural ingredients from plant material. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this, and even if they do, the equipment is expensive.

Sadly, butane extractions are still all-too-common, and experts have found that even when care is taken with such a process, residues are left behind. In addition, solvents such as butane and ethanol don’t extract the compounds in plants efficiently. A lot of useful molecules are left behind, and don’t end up in the oil at all.



How can you know what you’re getting?

Fortunately, there are none of the misconceptions around CBD that exist in the US.

Everyone knows that though its cannabis, it’s definitely not marijuana, and though CBD is relaxing, it cannot make you high. As you might imagine, this impacts on the quality and reliability of CBD products from the EU.


Here’s what to look for:

Certification: GMP certification means your product is safe and contains exactly what the label says it does.

Organic: Now you know your product has been produced using nature’s way. There will be no unwanted ingredients!

Third-party testing: Has the company you buy your high CBD oil from got a second opinion on its contents and lack of contamination?

Percentage CBD: You know what you need. How much CBD is actually in your oil, and has this been proven?
With a little care, you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD.

At Enecta, we’re proud of our sterling reputation for producing highest quality, certified high CBD oil. Try our 10% CBD oil with confidence! It’s packed with natural goodness.

Thanks to our safe methods and strict quality control, you can be sure of getting all the phytocannabinoids, Terpenes and Fatty acids that make hemp oil so healthy – and you can be sure it’s exactly what it says on the bottle: no additives, and no contaminants.