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Cannabidiol (CBD), is known to possess a host of benefits for your health including the better functioning of vital organs, the expulsion of free radicals, relief from anxiety, and many more. If you are thinking of using a CBD product, such as an oil tincture or capsules, to supplement a healthy diet, this would be a great idea. However, you must be careful in making your choice of CBD brand to patronize.

With CBD exploding in popularity, there has been an attendant growth in the number of CBD producers, often, without a commensurate application of quality standards.

To get all the benefits of this amazing compound, you must ensure that you only buy from a trusted and reputable manufacturer. If you’re currently shopping for CBD products, here are seven important questions to ask to help you find the best ones:

1. How was the product cultivated?

This is arguably the most important question you should ask before choosing a product. The type of soil it was cultivated on, exposure to pesticides, and other such environmental considerations ate critical, given that the cannabis plant easily absorbs elements from its surroundings. It the soil is toxic or contaminated with pesticides, so will the end product.

At Enecta, we control our entire supply chain and employ stringent processes that help to ensure the highest level of quality at every stage of the process.

2. How are the products extracted?

Just as important as the manner of cultivation, you must examine the manner of extraction of any CBD product. With CBD oils, in particular, a poor extraction process can mean a lower quality of extract, and perhaps higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, which you will want to avoid. 

Another key consideration is the chemical process by which CBD is distilled from THC. If heat was applied, then it means most likely that butane was used. Chemical reactions occur when butane mixes with cannabinoids, leading to alterations of the genetic composition of the compounds. the final products come in low quality and mostly diluted with hazardous butane. 

The best CBD products are those extracted with CO2 or ethanol and EtOH, which help ensure that the CBD remains intact and free from external chemicals.

3. Check and make sure that the CBD product is regulated

A complex internal and external regulatory framework is required to keep CBD products at their highest level of purity and safety. At Enecta, we achieve this by adhering to the Good Manufacturing Processing (GMP) rules, as well as ensuring full compliance with the standards provided by the International Council for Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use(ICH) and International Standards Organization (ISO).

4. Does the CBD product have adequate packaging?

It is vital to note that the packaging of your CBD product is an important factor in the quality of the product. From the moment the plants are picked, they begin to lose nutrients as they are exposed to oxygen, and some cannabinoids are lost. 

After the CBD product has been extracted, it, therefore, needs to be stored in adequate containers that are able to keep the product with all nutrients intact and also elongate the life of the product. 

Always look out for products that are contained in vials and glass containers. Glass is generally more effective than plastic containers because it is impermeable, and does not take in moisture. These glass vials and bottles should preferably be amber-colored so as to limit exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

5. Avoid products with added substances

As a general rule of thumb, additives such as flavoring reduce the quality of a CBD product. If you insist on flavoring, however, choose CBD products with natural flavoring only. Be sure to also check that you are not allergic to any of these additives.

7. Storage and distribution

How is the product stored and how is it handled during transportation? If this is not done properly the quality of the product can drop drastically. Warehouses must be designed in a way that ensures orderly and categorized storage of the products in an orderly manner, light and humidity must be kept at the barest minimum to provide the perfect storage condition protecting the quality of the product.

8. Always buy from producers that are known and accessible

While there is a high volume of generic CBD products out there, it is advisable that you stick with products offered by well-known and reputable manufacturers.

Choose Enecta

As you have seen by now, when choosing a CBD product, you will have quite a few factors to consider. The quality of the product is strongly impacted at every stage of producing right from cultivation through to packaging. To be safe, simply choose a reputed producer like Enecta, and enjoy the best of CBD, without having to worry about any defects in the product.

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