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How to Treat Neck Pain With CBD

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Neck pain is frequently experienced alongside shoulder pain and refers to discomfort, pain, and stiffness around the head and shoulders. This type of pain can be sharp and sudden or dull and achy, often affecting the back of the neck.

Although neck pain isn’t necessarily linked to an underlying condition, medical professionals should be contacted if you experience shooting pains through your arms and shoulder or any weakness/numbness in your hands and arms alongside neck pain.

What Causes Neck Pain?

The leading cause of neck pain is poor posture caused by extended periods of sitting. Driving in an awkward position or hunching over a laptop can put neck muscles and ligaments under a lot of strain.

Other factors contributing to neck pain include neck injuries, age, and diseases that degenerate the joints.

Road traffic accidents often lead to neck injures, spinal injuries, and sometimes paralysis. Additionally, herniated disks can lead to spinal narrowing, increasing pressure on joints and nerves around the neck.

This pressure can be dangerous because most nerves pass from the brain to the body via the neck.


CBD Products for Neck Pain Relief

CBD is a compound derived from cannabis and hemp plants. It’s thought that CBD could provide pain relief as it is known to produce anti-inflammatory effects when taken regularly.

CBD is extracted from hemp plants and processed into oil, where it can be infused into a range of products ranging from capsules through to vape juices, and tinctures that can be added to food or beverages.

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that unlike its sister compound THC, it will not produce a feeling of ‘high’ or euphoria in users.

For this reason, CBD is more appealing than medical marijuana for people looking for pain relief without being under the influence of a mind-altering substance. 

That said, CBD is only just being recognized scientifically as a potential treatment for some conditions that cause inflammation and pain.

At the time of writing, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) only officially endorse CBD as a potential treatment for seizures caused by some forms of epilepsy. 

Recent studies have revealed that CBD could offer massive potential for alleviating a range of conditions, especially those that cause inflammation and pain.

Current medical literature about CBD is limited, with additional studies necessary to thoroughly asses its efficacy in relieving pain and inflammation.

However, anecdotal evidence is optimistic regarding CBDs’ ability to reduce inflammation and ease pain.

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Why Is CBD Getting So Popular?

CBD has seen a surge in global popularity over the last decade. There are several reasons for this explosion. Firstly, the global opioid crisis has left people looking for safer alternatives to addictive medications.

Next, there are thousands of people experiencing severe side-effects after taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for extended periods.

Finally, the relaxed laws around medical marijuana and the deregulation of cannabis in many parts of the world have caused a change in the perception of cannabis and its related products.

CBD is generally well-tolerated, non-addictive, and has the potential to alleviate many symptoms detrimental to general wellbeing.

How To Take CBD for Neck Pain Relief

The most popular way to take CBD is via CBD oil or capsules. This is because both methods offer accuracy regarding dosage and convenience. Accurate dosing is vital for finding the optimal dose of CBD to relieve neck pain.

Currently, there are no official dosing guidelines for CBD and neck pain. We recommend that you start low and go slow whenever you take CBD. This allows you to adjust the dosage slowly until you find a level that fits your needs.

CBD oil can be added to food or drink for convenience. However, the CBD can take a while to enter the bloodstream as it has to pass through your digestive system.

A popular alternative method is to place drops of CBD oil beneath your tongue and allow the product to be absorbed sublingually.

Taking CBD sublingually is a faster, more effective way to consume the product as it only takes a couple of minutes to enter your bloodstream.

Ideal CBD Dose For Neck Pain

There is no ideal dose of CBD for neck pain because the effects of CBD depend on several factors. This includes your weight, metabolism, genetics, the severity of discomfort, source quality, product type, and more.

Increase the dosage slowly, starting with a very low dose. This will help you to find a ‘sweet spot’ that works specifically for your body type and pain threshold. There is very little concern about overdosing as CBD produces little to no toxicity.

Here at Enecta, we provide a range of premium CBD products manufacture in Italy using high-quality organic hemp. All of our products are tested by third-party laboratories to guarantee their purity and efficiency. For additional information, click here to contact our customer care team.


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