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Pets and CBD, what are the benefits?

Did you ever think about the potential benefits CBD could have on your four legged friends?

October 27, 2017
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Previous Blog posts have already discussed the benefits of CBD on humans, but did you ever think about the potential benefits CBD could have on your four legged friends?
The story told by LeafLink says when Stefania Iampietro observed her dog Sally's health taking a turn for the worse, she looked into what many would consider an unlikely aid: marijuana. After several weeks of noticing Sally limping, Iampietro took her to the vet who confirmed that Sally had a common form of cancer called osteosarcoma that usually begins in the joints before spreading to different body parts.
Initially, the vet suggested for Sally to be amputated, following up with chemotherapy or palliative care. Although choosing chemotherapy would give Sally another five months of life, it also looked to be the most expensive option (around $5000) – not mentioning the extra pain Sally would have to endure. This led to Stefania picking palliative care.
Although the medications from palliative care initally helped to reduce Sally's pain, the high cost of the prescriptions – roughly $400 per month – led her to exploring other avenues. After conducting some research, Stefania discovered products made especially for pets that comprise cannabidiol, (better known as CBD – an extract of cannabis). A friend recommended a CBD gel pen – an ointment that can be put on the inner ear of pets to provide relief. This was supplemented with THCA Tincture – a non-activated form of THC that has previously demonstrated anti-tumor properties.
Over time, Stefania noticed that Sally gradually appeared relaxed and much more like her old self after going through CBD and THCA treatments: she wanted to play again, was more responsive, and became more sociable around the house. Similar points have been noted by other animal-fanatics who have tried cannabis-based items to treat pet ailments, such as anxiety, inflammation and seizures.

Top ten facts about CBD and pets:

  • It's good for the heart
  • It increases your pet's appetite
  • It is safe
  • It can reduce inflammation
  • It protects the nervous system
  • It reduces pain
  • ...and anxiety
  • It can help with bowel disease
  • It can help epilepsy and seizures
  • It can prevent and kill cancer


Laura Moya

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