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Free Fitness signed Enecta arriving in Naples. After Bologna, last Saturday, 4th of May, the first workout in the outdoor area of the Mostra D’Oltremare.

Enecta Free Fitness is dedicated to whoever loves doing sports activities in the open air and in the company of others, whichever the training level, combining running and functional training in an hour-long workout.


What is Enecta Free Fitness?

"Enecta Free Fitness -  Paolo Bianco from the Enecta team explained to NapoliToday – was created in Bologna in February 2017 as a free-of-charge initiative to improve physical and mental wellbeing of people of any age, physical shape and provenance”.

Free Fitness has as its objective sports with a social soul, the community created during the workouts stimulated projects of solidarity, like the collection of used clothes for the homeless and the support of non-profit organisations operating in the context of charity addressed to children and the elderly.  


Wellbeing is priceless

This is the motto of Free Fitness, with which it summarises the principles of the project, feeling in harmony with oneself and with others, a concept in which Enecta believes a lot, promoting free training sessions.

Enecta, Italian-Dutch leading company in the therapeutic Cannabis sector, linked its brand to many different projects uniting physical activity, enhancing the territory and human and social relationships.


Sport and Wellbeing, what has CBD got to do with it?

The feeling of euphoria and wellbeing one senses after a sports activity is due to endorphins, substances produced naturally by our organism and helping us to fight fatigue and stress.

Contributing to the creation of this pleasant sensation is also another element, anandamide, an acid neurotransmitter, part of the endocannabinoid family.  

Anandamide is naturally produced by the body and is connected to feelings of euphoria, relief from pain, wellbeing and relaxation.

Hence CBD could play an important role here, due to its capability of increasing the quantity of anandamide available in the organism after a sports activity, with consequent psycho-physical benefits.


Which are the main benefits of CBD for athletes?

Cbd, besides fostering a general and all-over sense of wellbeing in our organism, has also got other properties which can be more specific and targeted.

CBD inhibits pain and inflammation by means of some glycine and adenosine receptors, proposing itself as an effective natural remedy in various cases, including traumas, bruises or inflammatory states.

CBD is an effective antiemetic and can help to contrast nausea as well as the sensation of generalized fatigue after an intensive workout.
CBD is a neuroprotectant, it has the capability of interrupting the flow of chemical substances, for example, during a concussion, thus protecting our brain cells.  

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