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Study shows CBD Oil from Hemp is better than Synthetic Oil

Although pharma argues that precise doses of specific active principles should be used for medicine, others argue that whole plant CBD oil from hemp is better.

September 28, 2016
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Big Pharma has waged a concerted effort to stigmatize the cultivation and distribution of CBD oil extracted from natural hemp.



Synthetic Cannabidiol has been touted repeatedly by the medical-industrial complex, as being more beneficial and safe than cannabidiol oil extracted from natural hemp.

Big Pharma has waged a concerted effort to stigmatize the cultivation and distribution of CBD oil extracted from natural hemp.

This effort is helped, in no short measure, by the proliferation of synthetic cannabidiol products, used by the pharmaceutical industry in registered drugs. However, this attempted demonization flies in the face of significant medical evidence to the contrary.


What is the difference?

Synthetic CBD is a pure, single molecule compound. By pure, we mean that it has no traces of THC or any of the other 84 different cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. THC is the cannabinoid, found particularly in cannabis sativa, which gives recreational uses their characteristic “high”. There are 3 main strains of the cannabis plant namely cannabis sativa (usually high in THC, low in CBD), cannabis indica (usually high in CBD, lower in THC) and cannabis ruderalis (low in both).  CBD oil from hemp is produced from specific cannabis strains, which has a very high proportion of CBD, and very little THC, dependant on the particular plant they come from.


Scientific Study of CBD Oil from Hemp Reveals

In a study conducted in Israel, it was found that cannabidiol from natural sources is significantly more effective than pure, single molecule synthetic CBD. The study revealed that synthetic CBD has a bell shaped dose-response curve, which is not replicated by the natural CBD. A bell shaped dose-response curve means that increased doses of synthetic CBD did not have any marked effect on the benefits of those increased doses, whereas the CBD oil from hemp showed a marked increase in the efficacy of the increased dose. Further studies have also revealed the Entourage effect where evidence suggests that the active components in cannabis work better in combination, rather than in isolation.


The Result is

Many consumers shy clear of CBD Oil from Hemp because of the confusion caused by CBD being extracted from plants that look similar to psychoactive marijuana. Even if there are minimal traces of THC in natural CBD, it is certainly not likely that you will go on a raging “high” and the self-evident increase in effectiveness far outweighs the highly improbable likelihood of getting “stoned”


Enecta Launches New Product

Coming shortly from Enecta is a new CBD Oil from Hemp produced from hemp grown organically, at the closely supervised farms used to supply Enecta’s extraction facility. Watch this space for more news in the very near future!

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