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Tiredness and fatigue, batteries low? let’s support stomach and spleen!

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Seasonal Fatigue

In a season of unpredictable weather like this one, our organism is much affected by the temperature fluctuations and if, maybe, we didn’t come out of the winter season on the right food, the characteristics of Spring (of rebirth, movement and expansion)  are not experienced at best. We might feel tired, have digestive problems, a non-restoring sleep and our everyday commitments weigh on us more than usual, while the Sun shining brightly and Nature in full expansion call out for a life of bursting energy and vitality.  

What can we do to recharge our batteries and follow the rhythms of Nature?

First of all we should get more aware of our rhythms which actually are not all that natural; we often have too much to do, we don’t grant ourselves moments of relaxation long enough to digest, assimilate and get rid of each and every thing we have taken within us, being these food or life experiences.

Everything we do has an impact on our feeling nourished and thus on our possibility to spend energy for livinig our lives to the full – this could already be a key concept to improvement.

So, if we are not able to make most out of our nourishment, which means digesting, assimilating and eliminating whatever we made ours in relation to our rhythm of life, our organism gets overloaded and won’t be able to function at best of its possibilities.

Recharging the kidneys, centre of our “basic energy” could be a good solution; resting more, consuming products with a right content of minerals, drink warm (salty) water and physical activity without strain. But this could be inadequate. In fact, working on the “soil”  (The Earth Element according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) helps us more to make beautiful things sprout up, exactly in the same way a healthy ground, rich in nutrients, can give life to premium Cannabis Plants!  
Let’s take a quick look at the organic and energetic functions of Stomach and Spleen, the two organs linked to the Earth Element and at the basis of our energy distribution.






Stomach Meridian – ST36 is a key point for gastrointestinal disorders,  nausea, stress and fatigue

The stomach is a hollow organ located in the left hypocondrium of the epigastrium. Its functions are to “welcome”, store and digest the alimentary bolus arriving through the esophagus after the first phase of digestion in the mouth (mastication), transforming it into chyme and then releasing it to the duodenum for further digestion and assimilation.

Apart from food, the stomach opens itself also symbolically as well as energetically to our emotions, generated by our mental processes, which, if not elaborated (“digested”) might create functional problems of the organ (gastritis, acidity, reflux, digestive problems) which express themselves at intestinal level in irritable bowel, abdominal bloating, diarrhea/constipation etc. and cause assimilation difficulties of nutrients and hence a reduced energy supply. Undigested emotions can lead to passivity, brooding and worry.



The spleen is a solid organ located below the diaphragm on the left side of the abdomen near to stomach and pancreas; it’s part of the lymphatic system.

It’s function is producing and bringing to  maturity new red blood cells and demolishing old red ones, producing white blood cells and monitoring the presence of pathogens and non-self particles. It stores blood as well.

Also the spleen is active in the elaboration of mental processes and the transformation of “bad blood” in “good blood”, but if it lacks functional efficacy the spleen could create problems regarding menstrual cycle, lymphatic circulation and blood circulation itself. Sentiments could become melancholic and anxious.



The Earth element

Thus, the Earth Element is the one managing “the elaboration of whatever we swallow at material and emotional level and transforms the “good” parts in food for body and soul while eliminate the rest.  

If we are not able to execute this alchemic process in an adequate manner, our organism will not have the possibility to transform the food in energy to be spent.  
Additionally, as the Earth Element is also the core element of the Five Elements of TCM, starting point for the birth of things, when it is out of balance, our entire Being is affected and our energy lowers, gets blocked or isn’t spent efficiently. Fatigue increases and anxious passivity takes the place of proactive action.  


Besides taking time for low-rhythm physical activity (e.g. yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, walks in nature, which are always a blessing to our body-mind) and make sure to consume good quality, natural and seasonal products, with a high energy level and a low digestive effort (fresh, simple products, natural fermented products; no to the usual: red meats, sausages, canned and industrial foods, sugar sweets, fried foods etc.), it’s very useful to cannabidiol (CBD).

As the  endocannabinoid system, which is the endogenous system taking care of maintaining or recuperating homeostasis in our body, is mainly present at the level of the central nervous and the lymphatic systems, it has an important impact on all our body functions, including the digestive and defensive systems and on our emotions as well.

As already highlighted in research studied, many health issues are generated by a deficiency of the endocannabinoid system. Therefore supplementing phytocannabinoids helps us to restore a more balanced psycho-physical-emotional state, relaxes anxiety, diminishes our stress response and as a consequence the continuous state of alarm, which reduces those functions which are “secondary” to that of survival (like the digestive and immune functions) in terms of protection of our organic integrity.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a great supplement for the endocannabinoid system being able to normalize its functions, which as a “domino effect” restores the functionality of the other parts of our organism. Moreover, it improves the quality of sleep and calms a “nervous” digestive system, contrasting inflammatory states, muscle tension and acute or chronic pain.

If we add a few drops of CBD to our everyday dietary plan, it will be like adding a fertilizer to our land, which doesn’t only nourishes but also keeps our health steady and prevents impoverishment  of our psycho-physical functions.
Our health has its starting point in (Mother) Earth.


Raquel Bonifacia



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